Chris C. from Greece writes:

Hello dear sir. I hope this is the right place to ask a scientific question. I’m aware of the information theory and how it is related to DNA and Creator, I have also read many of your articles upon this.

But I need some more clarifications upon this. I carry the words of a materialist and I would like to have the answer to these specific claims.

Thank you.

Here it is:

“The ‘information metaphor falsehood’ (IMF) is a useful falsehood when used properly, but is overly simplistic. DNA is like instructions in that cells follow predictable patterns due to the pivotal role this molecule plays in the assembly and production of RNAs and proteins. Beyond this, however, IMF breaks down. The sequence of the DNA molecule does not contain instructions, but rather is a physical structure which responds to interactions with other molecules because of this structure, not because of the sequence. While the sequence partially provides this structure in DNA, this structure is influenced by many factors. For example, histones around which the DNA is coiled play an integral part in what segments are expressed. Sequences of DNA are only partially responsible for the structure of these histones and they are regulated by other external and internal factors aside from other segments of DNA. The IMF is a simplified version of what is actually occurring within the cell and this simplification ignores the three-dimensional and interactive aspects of the molecules within the nucleus. Additionally, IMF assumes that the sequence is the important aspect of DNA ignoring that many sequence changes in DNA do very little to the organism. DNA can be better described for what it is, a molecule which provides the templates for the synthesis of various RNAs under specific conditions. It is not a causative agent or “set of directions” but an interacting part of the cell (albeit an important one) subject to external and internal factors.

“IMF relies upon known and blatantly false simplification to reach the conclusion

“The information metaphor implies that the important aspect of DNA is only the sequence or “content” while ignoring three-dimensional conformations and external influences. Parts of the DNA molecule which have useless sequences, but the lengths are important (separating promoters) as well as regions providing specific binding to histones which allows interaction at other specific points along the molecule are also important….

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