In today’s feedbacks, Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers some questions about biblical metaphor and quantum mechanics, white holes, and an expanding universe in creationist cosmologies.

Dominic O. from the United States writes:

I was discussing with my friend about the necessary preconditions of intelligibility like Logic and he argued that the Duality of light negates the Law of Identity in logic. This was rather troubling and as I am no physicist I do not understand the nature of lights particle and wave like duality. Also what does the Bible mean when it says God is light. On another note how does quantum mechanics relate to Logic. I have heard ideas about it that would seem to allow contradictions, similar to dialetheism. Sorry for all these questions.

CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds:

Dear Mr O.

Thank you for writing to CMI. You came to the right place, because I have written detailed papers both on logic and quantum mechanics from a creationist perspective: Loving God with all your mind: logic and creation and Should creationists accept quantum mechanics?.

From the first: “A contradiction is defined as the conjunction of the affirmation and denial of a premise, in the same time, place, and sense (i.e. p and not-p, or in symbolic form, p.~p).”

From the second: “But this unified theory did not permit wave and particle qualities to be observed at the same time; it was always one or the other.”

Here we have the resolution: there is no contradiction, first because it’s not a case of p and not-p, but also because the wave and particle properties don’t exist at the same time. So there is no need for dialetheism.

The statement “God is light” doesn’t mean that He is electromagnetic energy. This meaning of “light” is clearly part of the creation not the Creator, since God said “let there be light”. Rather, it is a profound metaphor involving many aspects of light, as explained in a previous feedback.


Jonathan Sarfati

Dan O. from the United States writes:

Dear CMI:

I greatly appreciate the excellent resources available on your website that provide great scientific resources for creationism….

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