A refutation of the ‘Christian Identity’ heresy

It may shock some to realize that there is a significant body of people (perhaps several tens of thousands in the US) who call themselves Christians but believe that only white people can be saved. To be more specific, they believe that ‘Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, and British’ people are the only ones who are descended from Adam, who they say is the father of the Jewish race referred to in the Bible. The others are thought to be so-called ‘mud people’, people created before Adam and Eve, and without souls. This astonishing heresy teaches that inter-racial marriage is unbiblical, that the ‘white’ race is superior to all others, and that today’s Jews are not descended from the biblical Jewish race at all.

They are loosely grouped under the heading ‘Christian Identity’, with ties to earlier ideas known as British Israelitism. But after the latter ideology, which embraced today’s Jews, reached American shores, it took on this anti-Semitic flavor.

Bible believers are on extremely solid ground in rejecting the suggestion that the color of a person’s skin has anything to do with their salvation. We affirm on both biblical and scientific grounds that all people are descended from Adam and Eve, and that modern genetics shows ‘racial’ differences to be very minor. So minor, in fact, that ‘race’ (although it still has relevance and meaning in ordinary parlance, of course) is not a particularly meaningful biological classification. Furthermore, Jesus Christ came to save people of all ‘races’ without distinction, and the Bible is clear that people of every ‘tribe, tongue, and nation’ will be in Heaven. There is simply not the slightest biblical justification for CI’s racism.1 And the best refutation of ‘Christian Identity’ and other racist white supremacist heresies is to look at the text of the Bible itself….

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