Several weeks ago, we received an email from Patty with comments and a question about an article concerning man’s immortality.  I tried to identify which article she was referring to, and can only assume it was one posted last December.  Regardless of which article, her question is one worth answering.  The second response concerns a comment left by Larry803 to an article posted on the website.  Larry brings up a common argument used by so many people who try to compromise God’s Word to make it fit with man’s ideas.

Does God Alone Possess Immortality?

From: Patty

Subject: man’s immortality

In your article about immortality you stated: man can only become pure and holy through the grace of God and the blood of Christ (Hebrews 10:22; Ephesians 1:3-14). God is holy; man becomes holy. Likewise, God “alone [inherently] has immortality” (1 Timothy 6:16), but He has given it to man. Let me remind you that believers are encouraged to SEEK after immortality in Rom2:7 If all souls are born immortal, then why are we encouraged to seek after it? Why would Jesus offer us an opportunity to ”live forever, if we all already live forever; some in hell and some in heaven? …”if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever:” (John 6:51) But first you have to eat the bread.

Patty, you pose a very interesting question about whether or not man has an immortal soul and if so, why are we told to seek after immortality?

If you recall, when God created man in His own image, man was immortal.  There was no death.  If man was physically immortal, then His soul was also immortal.  When Adam sinned, physical death entered the world.  Spiritually, man’s soul did not die, but it was separated from a perfect relationship with God because of sin.  A holy and righteous God can not tolerate sin of any kind.

But God still loved man and knew that He would make the ultimate sacrifice of His Son to allow us a chance to regain our spiritual relationship with Him.

When Scripture tells us to seek after immortality, it is referring to a saving faith that brings us eternal life with Him in heaven.  Those that do not accept Christ as Lord and Savior still have an eternity to look forward to, only their eternity is total separation from God in hell.

Years ago, I had a pastor tell me that the only right man truly has is the right to go to hell.  We are born with that right since we are all descendants of Adam.  Only by the grace of God does He choose some to be adopted as sons and daughters.

Through Christ we have eternal life with Him, without Christ we have eternal life without Him.

Freakish Star Stuns Astronomers



This is totally amazing. Once again we have one side of an issue squared off in opposition with another side on that issue and along comes proof that causes doubt on BOTH sides of that issue. What we find is that even with the PROOF of a fallacy both sides continue to argue their positions using the flawed supposition that the fallacy supports their beliefs.

 Let’s try this on for fit. The earth was created by the Grand Creator in 7 days. The same story that tells us this also says that the Creator’s time does not correspond to our time reference. How do we explain it? One side says the earth was created in 7 24 hour periods and ignores the possibility that the Creator’s time reference that a day may be many billions of years long. The other side claims that since it takes billions of years for the growth of the world proves that the 7 day theory is wrong and therefore no Creator exists. Where are the two sides going to meet and find that they may both be right and a Creator has used time periods of his own making to create the earth.

Wow… everyone is right? OMG, no argument exists… and therein lies the basic problem, mankind would rather argue their myriad of possible truths than know THE TRUTH.

Larry, your statement about God’s time not being the same as man’s time is true.  In reality, God is outside of time.  He is eternal.  God created time when He created the earth and the universe.  God does not exist inside His creation and is not bound by it.  Therefore, time is only relative to man, not to God.

Having said that, what you may have failed to realize is that He had the Bible written not for Him but for man to know Him.  Every word in the Bible is God breathed.  In that context why would God speak in terms that man would not comprehend?

When God told us about His creation, He surely put it in terms that we would understand.  It would not be in God’s nature to tell man, in precise language, that He created in six 24 hour days if He meant something else.  That would make God out to be a liar, which is impossible for a holy and righteous God.

And why is it that the only place man questions the word ‘day’ is in Genesis 1?  The Hebrew in Genesis 1 is the same type of historical narrative that you read throughout the Pentateuch.  The same Hebrew word is used elsewhere in the same context to mean a literal 24 hour day, but no, man has to try to make it be something it isn’t because he thinks he knows more than God.

The way Genesis 1 is written not only indicates literal 24 hour days, but doubly implies it.  God was emphatically telling us what the days of Genesis were, knowing that it would be questioned by sinful men.  There are plenty of Hebrew words that God could have chosen to indicate long or indefinite periods of time, but He didn’t choose them.

There are two excellent articles previously posted on our web site that should lay to rest any question about time and how long it took God to create.  I would highly recommend that everyone take time to read them both.  They are:

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