Should Christians value ‘cultural purity’?

How should the Christian view ‘cultural purity’?

Susan J., U.K, wrote in response to the article, Is Christianity for ‘whites only’?:

Excellent article; but why did God create nations to separate us? Also, in the UK, we have many immigrants. This is changing our culture through intermarrying and many indigenous people leave certain areas or emigrate; immigrants then move in. This country is in very great danger I’m afraid; we are a hated nation now.

Dr Carl Wieland replies:

Dear Mrs. J./ Dear Susan,

Many thanks for your comments and your query about this article. Actually, there is a very recent book from CMI which directly deals with these sort of issues (or at least the principles behind them, using many different countries and situations as examples). For example, it deals squarely with that formation of nations in the Acts 17:26 passage (which I think is relevant to your ‘creating nations’ query). But it does so in the context of the history and background of apartheid in southern Africa, in which that issue was raised by many Christian Afrikaners.

The book is called One Human Family: The Bible, science, race and culture. The very things you raise, culture and lack of immigrant assimilation and so on, were issues that for me were important to incorporate in any book on the subject. (Plus much, much more.) I firmly reject ‘political correctness’ in the process, including ‘Christianized’ versions of it.

I honestly think you will be fascinated by its fresh approach. OK, I’m biased cos’ I wrote it . But seriously, we are seeing incredible responses from it. In fact, I am absolutely convinced from what you write that it will go directly to your queries, and that you will find it both “fascinating and compelling” (to quote Philip Bell, CMI-UK CEO, who is highly averse to hyperbole or marketing spin). So sure, in fact, that if after reading it, you think I have overstated the case, I will personally fund from here the equivalent amount of value in any other resources from our website, sent to you postfree….

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