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Ice Found on Mercury Confirms Creation Prediction

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A number of years ago, Dr. Russell Humphreys, a creation scientist, predicted that everywhere we look in outer space, that we should find evidence of water and/or ice.  His prediction was made mostly on his understanding of Genesis 1, more than on his science background.  (Dr. Humphreys was a physicist and cosmologist who worked at Sandia National Laboratory before retiring a few years ago.)

I’ve known Russ for nearly twenty years and have had the privilege to sit and talk to him a many an occasion.  On one of those occasions, I asked him about why he predicted that we would find evidence of water and ice in our solar system and beyond.  He told me that when you carefully read Genesis 1 where God tells us about His creation of the earth and the universe and everything in it, water has to be the answer.

He said that starting with verses 1 and 2, God said that He created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void.  Next he explained that most people overlook the end of verse 2 where it said that the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

This, explained Russ is a very crucial key to understanding the very beginning of creation.  He believes that God is telling that He started by creating water and that everything else He created was formed out of the water.  Note that the earth was formless and void, meaning that it was part of the watery creation.

After creating light and separating it from the dark, God next separated the waters from the waters and placed an expanse that He called heaven between the waters below and waters above.  At this point in time, the earth was still a watery ball now separated from everything else.  This also led Russ to postulate that the earth would be at or near the center of the universe, which was declared to be true a few years back.

After separating the waters above from the waters below, God net made dry land and then the plants.  Then he placed sun, moon and all of the stars in the expanse between the waters above and waters the waters below.  That means that somewhere beyond the visible universe lies the waters above.

Russ explains that since God started with water and made almost everything out of water, that we should find evidence of water and ice throughout our solar system and everywhere else in the universe.

First hints of water came from radio data two decades ago, which Messenger has now shown to be accurate

So, scientists have discovered water and/or ice at the poles of the Moon, poles of Mars, water on Saturn’s moon Titan, and ice on another moon.  All of these discoveries are just what Dr. Russ Humphries predicted, based upon a careful reading of Genesis 1.

Now we can add another celestial body to the list.

Seven and a half years ago, NASA launched a spacecraft named Messenger, who’s mission was to orbit Mercury and relay as much information about the planet as possible back to earth.  Messenger arrived at Mercury in March 2011 and began orbiting the planet closest to the sun and sending tons of information.

Scientists have been analyzing the pages and pages of information and one of their discoveries has them all excited.  All of the information so far indicates that there is a substantial amount of water ice at the area around the poles that are in perpetual darkness.

Again, the finding of ice on Mercury just adds to the list of discoveries that support Dr. Russell Humphreys’ predictions.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to biblical creationists who believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and the starting place for everything.  It also reminds me of Psalms 119:160 which states:

Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth forever.


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  • arich45

    Wow. It still amazes me that people can still be so simple minded and childish as to believe the Bible is Holy (actually it’s full of holes). Genesis is a story; that’s it. Your “creation scientist” (oxymoron) is a fool. The Bible (OT) also says the stars were contained in a firmanent. Oh well so much for that mistake. Discard the nonsense and try to make something implausible sound plausible that’s the job of believers. Jesus and the OT condone slavery. Nice “God” you believe in.

    • Wolf-Spider

      That is spelled “holey”, like your head. The term “Holy” literally means “Set apart,” like fine china. It has also come to mean “morally perfect, or pure.” You need to study more, and speak less.

      • arich45

        And it still goes to show that true believers are nothing more than adult children. Your Bible is full of holes (and shite I might add). Your Bible is anything but morally perfect. Try reading it sometime and you will come to the same conclusions as I have. It’s a collection of myths, legends, superstitions, and rip offs of various religions and cultures predating the OT.

  • Raymond Michael

    This is all nonsense. After the Big Bang as the matter in the universe expanded it created space and time with it. There is no water OUTSIDE the visible universe. There is in fact no outside of the universe as space curves on itself. This Biblical story of the creation also is wrong it that everything was not created from water. Subatomic particles existed at the extraordinary temperatures that existed shortly after the Big Bang. Evidence for this is the microwave background radiation which fairly uniformly spread throughout the entire universe and is slightly above absolute zero temperature. As the universe expand the universe cooled down but you can extrapolate backward to what the temperature was when the universe was incredibly small or just a singularity. The first element formed as coolinf occurred was Hydrogen, than Helium, and then Lithium. Fusion of Hydrogen in the stars that formed created the other elements. I wonder what kind of reaearch dr. humphries did at Sandia national Laboratory. He clearly accepted the Bible as truth and made assumptions from that rather than actually looking at reality and conclude how it works from scientific facts. The bible’s cosmology was that of the Sumerians it which the earth was flat and the firmament was a dome over the flat earth on which the stars were placed by God. When the great Flood occurred they thought the flood gates in the firmament , the dome, were opened to Flood the entire earth. Of course this is nonsense. Rain comes from clouds. There is no firmament above and Heaven does not lay at the other side of the firmament. There is outer space up there. The Bible had people and angels floating down from heaven or rising into the clouds to go to heaven. Again, this is nonsense. heaven is a spiritual realm. If you go above the clouds you will not find heaven but outer space. The earth is not at the center of the universe either. Nor is it even at the center of the milky Way galaxy.

    • Bob Pegram

      Raymond –

      How would you know if there is water OUTSIDE the visible universe? You are not omniscient! There are still many limits to the extent of scientific discovery.

      The “red shift” assumes the Big Bang. Then it is used to “prove” the Big Bang. That is circular reasoning. It also assumes that the speed of light is constant over long periods of time and over vast distances. None is that is proven. It is assumed and then taught as absolute truth when it isn’t.

    • Esther Mae Egan

      Reading this article makes me understand that even baby’s no matter what animal is encased in water before entering the world.
      That baby is in water, and it makes since when the Bible says, “in my mothers womb, He knew me”. Even the tiniest of us are in water.

    • John Hunter


      At the time of the universal flood of Noah’s day, there was a drastic
      change in the environment. Yes, rain does come from clouds, now.
      It is very likely that until “the flood” there had been no rain. The Bible
      reveals that the earth is round, and the Bible was not taken from the
      Sumerians. And before the flood there was water above the earth,
      as well as in the earth.

      You are amazing, sir, you know more than God knows. That makes you
      above God and above Satan who wanted to be “like God”.

      • Wolf-Spider

        The Bible also said there are mountains and valleys below the surface of the oceans. The common knowledge of the day was, “The earth is flat under the water surface.”

    • John Hunter

      Are you aware that there are 3 heavens? The area of the clouds is the first heaven,
      the 2nd heaven is the area of the stars and the third heaven is where God’s throne is.

      • Seymour Kleerly

        Where do Christ and Mohammud sit? What supports their thrones?

    • Tout

      Where did the Big Bang come from ? Nothing stays nothing; can not produce anything. There must be something that had no beginning, will have no end. It is called GOD. How does He look like ? We don’t know. But He showed Himself under the form of a human. So we see Him as a Man. Out of love, He created, from nothing. Material, plants, animals, finally men, Adam & Eve. Because they did not obey, had to leave paradise etc/

  • Brad

    Liberal bilge below.

  • Richard D. Cox

    Thank you Dr. Russell Humphreys! What an awesome description of aspects of creation and how they tie in to biblical writings. I so love readings from people who have an open enough mind to realize that science and God are not two competing entities. Neither should science and religion be viewed that way either. A truly open mind finds God in all things and doesn’t feel the need to disprove one or the other for the sake of argument. I’m sorry for Raymond MIchael and arich45, who’s minds have obviously slammed shut and are filled with anger and hatred towards God, religion or both. Too bad they don’t realize that their interpretations of science are in themselves religious views. As far as interpretations that some ancient people held beliefs that are now disproved all I can say is, well, duh! Ancient peoples didn’t have access to the scientific observations and equipment that we now have. Of course they built up myths and in some cases wild-eyed observations. But they were on a faith journey that we in the modern world would be hard pressed to understand, much less live our entire lives within. Actually, the observations of those who must disprove creation as anything but some random accident aren’t all that different from the ancients. A thousand years from now science will be greatly changed. But thanks to good men like Dr. Humphreys it will only serve to help future generations to understand how it all started with God. I look forward to reading more by Dr. Humphreys. God Bless!

  • Seymour Kleerly

    The dumbing down process of Religion is truly depressing to watch in action.

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