A number of secular evolutionists have come out publicly and stated that it seems that humans are not evolving any more.  They seem to indicate that man has reached his apex of evolution.  However, this goes against the very principles of evolution that dictate a constant stream of mutational changes.  After all, so many of their reports about our past are based on a constant rate of mutations based on what they see occurring in the present.

Realizing that the lack of any evolutionary progression of humans poses a problem, a group of researchers have published a new paper declaring that in fact, man is still evolving.  However, when you truly analyze their research you quickly realize that it has nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with culture.

Emmanuel Milot, a geneticist from the Universite of Quebec led a team of research that examined the reproductive rates and ages of a small population located on the island of Îleaux Coudres.

They used historical data of the 30 families that settled and lived on the island between 1720 and 1773.  Then they also look at similar data from 1799 to 1940.

Their big discovery was based on the average age of married women when they gave birth to their first child.  In the early to middle 1700s the average age was 26.  In the late 1800s and early 1900s the average age of first childbirth as 22.

Based on the decrease of 4 years in the average age of the first childbirth over a 140 year period, Milot and his team concluded that this is proof that man is still evolving.  In his report, Milot said:

It is often claimed that modern humans have stopped evolving because cultural and technological advancements have annihilated natural selection, this study supports the idea that humans are still evolving.  What we learn from that population is that evolution is possible in relatively modern times in modern humans.  Where it is going to occur and in what ways, is a different question.

It appears to me that all they found is a possible culture change in the age of marriage and childbirth over a 140 year period, but nothing to do with evolution.  And what’s more amazing is that they got this paper published in one of the more popular scientific journals, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

All this study and report reveal is how far and to what extremes some members of the secular community will go to try and justify their belief in religion of evolution.



Humans Are Continuing To Evolve, Red Orbit, Oct. 5, 2011.

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