Everyone ‘knows’ that humans shared a common ancestor with chimpanzees. DNA similarities prove it, don’t they?

The DNA evidence does nothing of the sort.1 Most importantly, similarities could be due to our having a common Creator rather than a common ancestor. Our Creator could have created the similarities to show us that there is one mind behind the design of all living things. Our similarity with the apes connects us to all other creatures, suggesting one Creator, not many.2 That’s one reason we have no excuse for not believing in one Creator-God (Romans 1:20), rather than no Creator (atheism or pantheism) or multiple creators (polytheism). Of course we also have to have the same basic biochemistry as other created living things so that we can have something to eat!

Some have pointed to precise similarities in DNA segments that they claim have no function (‘junk’ DNA). They say that such similarities must be due to evolution because God would not create similarities in ‘junk’. We will leave aside how they know what God would or would not do. But the notion of these sequences being ‘junk’ is unravelling. The scientific evidence grows daily that these stretches of DNA that are similar are not junk at all, but have functions. That being the case, the similarities are due to function; they have to be similar to function properly….

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