One of the things that infuriates anti-Christians is the fact that much of CMI’s information is getting into the hands of students at school. But how is this happening, considering that creation ministries get very few invitations to speak in non-Christian schools anywhere in the world?

Actually, a 30–40 minute talk to students, with an evolutionist teacher having the rest of the year to ‘rebut’ with no chance of any ‘counter’, is not very useful anyway. It can even be counter-productive. We’ve found that an evolutionist teacher may even misrepresent the arguments that were presented—sometimes from lack of understanding and sometimes deliberately.

If a teacher or student can become persuaded on this issue (e.g. by Creation magazine) they can be much more effective with students than an outside speaker. Teachers especially can continue the outreach in their school long-term, answering objections along the way via ongoing access to the resources, as the following real-life examples show.

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