These feedback emails talk about the age of the creation according to the Bible (and ‘science’). Can we discern from the Bible the exact year or day for the date of creation? CMI’s Lita Cosner and Jonathan Sarfati reply.

Dear Hayden,

Dear CMI,

Thank you so much for your fantastic, solid resources that have given me a much greater ability and passion to defend God’s word.

Thanks for these comments; they’re very encouraging to us.

I have a couple of questions that I have been wondering about for a while.

Clearly the Bible describes a timeline of the world that extends approximately 6000 years back. I know that some creationist groups and Christian publications give the creation an exact date of 4004 BC (based on Ussher’s chronologies?). Does The Bible provide such precision? If so, why then is CMI reluctant to use this date, instead saying the world is ‘around’ 6000 years old?

We think that Ussher’s chronology is top-quality research using the finest historical resources of his day (some of which have since been lost, making his work that much more important). We’ve written defending Ussher against slander by compromising ‘progressive creationist’ Hugh Ross. (See Archbishop James Ussher—blundered or brilliant?)

That being said, we don’t think that the Bible allows for to-the-year accuracy regarding the date of creation. This is because the Bible tells us that Adam was 930 when he died, but depending on how age was reckoned, he could have been anywhere from 929 and some months to 930 and some months. The same goes for all other ages and date measurements in Scripture. This does not allow for long gaps, notice that it is only months that are uncertain, not long periods of time. Whether the creation year was 4004 BCor 4050 BC does not really affect any of our arguments….

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