I grew up fascinated with dinosaurs.  I watched all of the dinosaur movies I could.  I collected dinosaur models and toys.  I read all about them.  Some dinosaurs were small and insignificant while others were huge and magnificent. To me they were awesome and fascinating.

In school I was taught that dinosaurs ruled the world for almost 200 million years.  Then about 65 million years ago something happened that wiped out the dinosaurs.  All we have today are their fossilized bones, skin, internal organs and footprints.   

Everything that I believed about the age of the earth, the cycles of life and death, the evolution of humankind, began with dinosaurs.  As a kid, I believed that since dinosaurs were that millions of years old then so was everything else in the fossil record.

And then, I learned that the Bible presented a very different history.  This made me look at dinosaurs and fossils in a whole new light.  Nothing about the fossils changed, only the way I looked at them.

A few years ago I read an article about several paleontologists that were working together at the same dinosaur fossil dig site.  Two of the scientists believed in millions of years of evolution and one believed in the biblical account of creation and only thousands of years.  They used the same techniques to study the same dinosaur bones.  The only thing that was different was how they interpreted what they found. 

You see, fossils don’t come with tags on them telling us how old they are, where they lived, what they ate, or even how they died.  We have to figure that out from the clues that we find.  We never have enough clues, so our starting points usually lead us to different conclusions.

The evolutionary paleontologists believed that the dinosaur they were studying died over a hundred million years ago.  The dinosaur was swept away by a flooding river.  Eventually it was buried by sediment being carried by the flooding river.  They dated the fossil to a certain date millions of years ago based on the rock layers they found it in.  The rock layers were dated to millions of years because of the fossils they find in that layer.  This is known as circular reasoning and hopefully you can see the problems with this type of dating method. 

Where the evolutionists saw millions of years, the creationist saw evidence of a different history.  He believed the dinosaur died in a flood, but it wasn’t a local flood.  It was a massive flood that covered the earth, Noah’s Flood, when God judged the world.  The carcass was buried suddenly, before it could be eaten or decompose.  Since the Flood, according to the Bible, was about 4300 years ago that’s how old he believed that fossil to be.  

They came to different conclusions because of their different starting points.  One started with the Bible while the other two did not.  We all have the same facts.  We merely interpret the facts differently because of our different starting points. 

Which starting point will you use?  Do you look at dinosaurs and fossils and see millions of years of death and struggle or do you see animals that were buried by the Genesis Flood only a few thousand years ago?  Do you believe God or man?

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