Feminists and gay rights activists are pushing hard for gender equality and even gender neutrality.  Their ultimate goals are to get their ways of life and thinking to become the norm and traditional biblical gender treatment to be a social pariah.

But have they really thought through what they are pushing for and what they will lose if they win?

True gender equality and neutrality means no separation of the sexes in anything in life.  For instance, Green River Community College in Washington state prided themselves for celebrating Gender Neutral Bathroom Week this past June.  With no gender distinction, men were free to use the women’s bathrooms and women were free to use the men’s bathroom.  Any conservative men or women attending the school at that time were not allowed to maintain their sense of moral decency if someone of the opposite sex chose to use the same bathroom as they were.

If you recall, that same attitude has been seen in the work place when a Macy’s employee tried to prevent a man dressed in women’s clothes from using the lady’s dressing room.  The female employee was fired for her actions.

If feminists and gay rights advocates truly want gender equality and neutrality, that means that all sports will have to drop the men’s sports and lady’s sports separations.  That will also have to apply to the locker rooms, showers and bathrooms that would be equally shared.   Little girls will no longer have any place safe from the sexual perverts who will be hunting them like sharks hunting seals….


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