• How did saltwater fish survive dilution of the seawater with
freshwater, or how did freshwater types survive in saltwater?
• And how did plants survive?

IF the whole Earth were covered by water in the Flood, then there
would have been a mixing of fresh and salt waters. Many of today’s
fish species are specialized and do not survive in water of radically different saltiness to their usual habitat. So how did they survive the Flood?

Note that the Bible tells us that only land-dwelling, air-breathing
animals and birds were on the Ark (Gen. 7:14, 15, 21–23).

We do not know how salty the sea was before the Flood. The Flood
was initiated by the breaking up of the ‘fountains of the great deep’ (Gen.
7:11). Whatever the ‘fountains of the great deep’ were (see Chapter 9),
the Flood must have been associated with massive earth movements,
because of the weight of the water alone, which would have resulted in
great volcanic activity.

Volcanoes emit huge amounts of steam, and underwater lava creates
hot water/steam, which dissolves minerals, adding salt to the water.
Furthermore, erosion accompanying the movement of water off the
continents after the Flood would have added salt to the oceans. In other
words, we would expect the pre-Flood ocean waters to be less salty
than they were after the Flood…

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