Imagine if you can, being one of those that were driven out from the Tower of Babel.  Just you and your family and whatever you could carry on your back or in a wagon and heading out into the wilderness with no real idea of where you were going.

Back in Babel, you were an artist, painting murals and portraits for those around you.  Your passion is colors and discovering different things in nature to make different colors and shades of colors.

As you trek through the wilds, you always have your eyes searching for sources of colors to use once you get to where you’re going, wherever that may be.  You collect pretty blue and green rocks, red berries and yellow flowers.  Along the coast you find some large shells that would make the perfect mixing bowls for whipping up your colors.  After killing and eating some animal, you save some of the bones to use to mix the colors.

The weather either begins to turn hot or cold or perhaps just wet.  You see some caves and decide to take shelter there.  During your time in the cave, you begin to use some of the materials you picked up along your travels.  Eventually it’s time to leave the cave and continue on your journey.

Then 4400 years later, some scientists exploring the cave discover the artist materials you left behind so long ago.  Only this scientist and his team have a blind faith in millions of years of evolution.  Instead of realizing that the artifacts you left behind can be no older than about 4400 years ago, their religious presuppositions leads them to a false interpretation of many thousands of years.

I don’t know that this is what actually happened, but it is a more likely scenario than what Professor Christopher Henschilwood from the University of the Witwatersarand, in Johannesburg, South Africa has reported.  He and his team have reported finding evidence of human artists in the Blombos Cave about 186 miles east of Cape Town, South Africa.

Scientists have been digging down through the sandy sediments on the floor of the cave.  In 2002 they reported finding blocks of ochre that contained iron oxides which could have been used as a pigment or even a coloring agent to add to something else.  At this time they dated the level the ochre was found in to be about 70,000 years old

Henschilwood and his team have been digging deeper into the floor of Blombos Cave and found a cache of shells, bone augers, grinding cobbles and a quantity of red and yellow pigments.  Since these artistic artifacts were found deeper than the blocks of ochre, the team has claimed that the newest finds must be at least 100,000 years old.  Henschilwood said:

This is significant because it is pushing back the boundaries of our understanding of when Homo sapiens – people like us – first became modern…These finds indicate that humans were certainly thinking in a modern way, in a way that is cognitively advanced, at least 100,000 years ago.

The only difference between my story above and the story told by the South African team is that mine was based upon truths we learned from the Bible while theirs is pure speculation based upon no source of truth, just the blind and empty faith known as evolution.


Amos, Jonathan.  Ancient ‘paint factory’ unearthed, BBC News, Oct 13, 2011.

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