Hardly a day goes by, it seems, that a story concerning homosexuality is not in the news. Hollywood and the mainstream media have been pushing for the acceptance of these God-condemned, unnatural, “shameful,” “vile passions” for several years (Romans 1:26-27; cf. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Genesis 19:1-11; see Miller and Harrub, 2004), and have shown no signs of letting up. Whether it is highlighting the latest movie star who has “come out of the closet” or the latest artist who has spoken out on behalf of homosexual marriage (cf. “Miley Cyrus…,” 2011), much has been, and is being, done to immerse Americans in a sea of acceptance—the acceptance of a sin (homosexuality) that Americans once widely considered abominable (see Miller, 2008, pp. 82-85). Sadly, whereas in 1982 one in three Americans accepted “homosexuality as a lifestyle,” according to George Gallup, Jr. and D. Michael Lindsay, acceptance of homosexuality increased to nearly 50% by 1999 (p. 129).

One area in which gay rights activists have been most successful in promoting the homosexual agenda is in America’s public school system. Despite the presence of thousands of morally minded, Christian public school teachers (many of whom are family and friends), America’s education system is becoming more and more a “place of persuasion” for gay rights activists. The idea is: change the minds of students today, and you will change the direction of states tomorrow (see Harrub, 2006). Consider several examples over just the past four years of homosexual indoctrination, inundation, and toleration in the public school system….

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