What’s in your child’s science textbook?

by Lita Cosner

homeschoolingChildren who go to public or government schools are expected to learn evolution as part of their science education. So, a major reason why Christian parents may decide to homeschool is so that they can educate their children consistently with their beliefs, including in biblical creation. In recognition that a majority of Christian homeschoolers are biblical creationists, a lot of the homeschool science curriculum has been dominated by biblical creation (see the Education Resources section of our site). However, it is important for parents to exercise discernment.

The allegedly Christian publication Christianity Today featured a story entitled “A New Creation Story”1 which reported on a growing number of parents who apparently want to teach their homeschooled children evolution. Until recently, some of these parents reported difficulty finding Christian curricula that presented evolution, but with grants from the theistic evolution organization BioLogos, several teams of university lecturers and professors are writing textbooks that present evolution as a possible Christian approach to origins.

Evolution everywhere

The article even presents anecdotes about biblical creationist parents who are desperate for a curriculum that is less ‘strident’ in its creationism. In a sense, it’s hard to believe that anyone would have trouble finding sufficient sources explaining evolution—everything from video games to TV shows to children’s literature presents evolution as fact 24/7, and now thanks to BioLogos, this view is even more prevalent in Christian circles. Rather, biblical creationist parents are likely to find that there are limited options, if they want curricula that exclusively present a biblical worldview. And by definition ‘biblical creation’ is one that takes the Genesis account at face value and does not apply eisegesis to insert millions of years of evolutionary processes in there….

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