There is no doubt that many American’s spend hours and hours in front of the television.  Many of our waistlines reflect the amount of time spent doing so.  How many times do you find yourself using quotes from shows and movies (referred to as ‘the media’ in the rest of this article)?  And what about our children and grandchildren emulating the characters they see in the media?

The impact of the media has also played a large part in the thinking and values of many Americans and they are totally unaware of it.  How many times have you heard about a young person committing a stupid act or a violent crime because of something they saw in the media?  According to an article in Psychological Science, “Research on violent television and films, video games, and music reveals unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts.”  Last year, a 17 year old admitted killing his 10 year old brother after being inspired by the television show Dexter.

What about the general public’s acceptance of so many immoral lifestyles including immodest fashion, public nudity, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pre- and extra-marital affairs and so on?  When I was a kid, you never saw a woman in (or out of) her underwear on television and the thought of a Victoria’s Secret special on prime time television would have been cause for a network to lose their broadcaster’s license.  Most nightly television shows back then had married couples sleeping in separate beds so as not to portray any sign of indecency.  Relationships were always kept to one man and one woman, and if they weren’t married, it was usually portrayed as something wrong and harmful.  And there was a large list of words that one never said on the air.  Premarital and extramarital sex was still taboo.

However, there seems to be more movies that have foul language, nudity, sex between anyone except a husband and wife than those that are family friendly.  Television isn’t far behind.  The media tries to make it seem normal to swear, run around half naked and to have sex with whomever you want and where ever you want.

Most of the highly popular prime time TV shows depict dysfunctional relationships and families.  If a character is married, they usually have a strained relationship at best, but most are single or living with someone out of wedlock.  Their relationships with their children is obvious fractioned and often non-existent.  If a marriage had broken up, nine times out of ten it is always portrayed as being the husband’s fault.

The media has also been actively undermining authority figures including fathers, teachers, clergy and virtually any other male authority figure.  When I was growing up, it was Father Knows Best. Today it is Father Knows Least.  In most family sitcoms these days, it is the mother that is portrayed as having any sense of intelligence about her and the one that the kids will listen to.  Members of the clergy are often made out to be uneducated idiots or drunks or sexual perverts.  The only teachers that the students listen to in the media are usually female.  I honestly don’t know of any popular program that exemplifies a morally functional biblical family except 19 Kids And Counting, a program about the Duggar family who are also very active Christians.

But perhaps one of the more insidious brainwashings being conducted by Hollywood is the promotion of evolution.  Have you noticed that almost every television program and many movies seem to purposely mention evolution and millions of years?  There’s a reason for this.

Back in 1998, I attended the Dino Fest 98 Scientific Symposium sponsored by the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences.  At the time, it was the largest gathering of paleontologists ever, as it was estimated that nearly two-thirds to three-quarters of the top paleontologists in the world attended this event.  Over the course of two and half days, numerous papers were presented and I attended as many of those as possible.

One particular paper presented was about the ‘scientific’ community’s active efforts to work with Hollywood’s writers to better promote evolution.  It seemed that not enough Americans accepted evolution as being true and that they needed to work it into television and movies to help convince the public that evolution was true.  The speaker presenting the paper actually said that too many Americans still believed in the Bible and creation and that they felt they needed Hollywood’s help to educate them to the truth.  The speaker said that there had been a small group of evolutionary scientists working with script writers for a few years but they were calling on more evolutionists to help in the effort because they didn’t feel they were making enough headway.

How successful have they been over the past twelve years?  I challenge each and every one of you to listen to the programs you watch, and especially to the programs and movies your children watch, and write down all of the references to evolution and millions of years.  Also take note of how they completely undermine all biblical morality and authority.  You will be shocked at the results.  Then you need to sit down with your family and discuss these references and take them to Gods Word to show them the truth about his Creation and how he wants us to live.  If you need some great resources to help you teach your family the truth, please visit the Creation and Evolution section of Christian Reader Bookstore.

We can’t let the secular evolutionary community continue to brainwash America.  Let’s turn it against them and show our families, friends and our nation just how ungodly and anti-biblical most of Hollywood has become.

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