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History Channel Unveils Notable Miniseries ‘The Bible’

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by Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D.

bible_miniseries_wideThe History Channel cable network began on March 3, 2013, a ten-hour new miniseries based on the Bible that will be broadcast over five Sundays. Without a doubt, the show confronts viewers with the question “Is the Bible literally true?”

The series is co-produced by actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and her husband producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice, The Apprentice), who have professed a love for the Bible and approach it as being both true history and factually accurate. The project cost over $20 million, and a large group of Bible scholars and theologians contributed.

During several interviews, including ones with journalists Cynthia McFadden1 and Bill O’Reilly,2 the principal question asked of Downey and Burnett was whether they believe the Bible’s narrative accounts are fictional stories, allegories, or literally true history. The couple stated unequivocally that “on this project, there’s only one way to approach this. You have to take the Bible as a fact.”3

O’Reilly asked, somewhat skeptically, if The Bible miniseries was intended to facilitate belief in a real Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and Jonah and “the whale.” Viewers of the History Channel programs may themselves wonder how they should approach these narratives…..

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  • Richard Diaz, Sr.

    I watched the first episode of “The Bible” and was so disappointed due to the ridiculous errors it showed. One angel was injured and then they become Samurai warriors with flashing blades to slay the wicked. You got to be kidding. In the Bible all they did was blind those sinners that were trying to have relations with them. Sara running to save Isaac from being sacrificed on the altar. Wow! Where did that come from? Anyway, I can go on and on but I’ll quit here. Roma Downey and her husband meant well but sadly, they blew it.

    • Seymour Kleerly

      If you say the episode contained ridiculous errors, do you think that battling angels story actually happened?

  • Ray_Downen

    Those who seek to encourage others to believe in God and His Word do well to keep their imaginations in check. The Bible is factual and contains much allegory and descriptions of unseen things which cannot be described in human terms. Those who seek to encourage faith do not do well to re-arrange Bible stories to suit current readers and viewers.

  • Beth Jones

    It is so sad when people cannot stick to the facts. They believe the Bible to be factual, so they said. Why didn’t they stick to those facts? My biggest problem with telling of the story of Advent/Christmas is when the “wise men” are pictured at the stable/manger when the Bible tells they came up to 2 years later. It is for the commercial interests. It is all about making money, giving and getting “stuff”

  • ccannon

    One thing you can be very sure about is the fact that everything in the Bible is the absolute truth! Count on it! It tells what has happened and what is going to happen with total accuracy!

    • Seymour Kleerly

      You are accepting the writings of old Jewish men (albeit, wise and good men) as absolute truth, when you should understand that these men wrote in fantastic PARABLES!

  • TheTruthSpeaker

    I have never seen anything out of hollywood where the Bible was presented as given in the Word itself. If there is anything here that is allegorical it is Bill the no-spin guy who is always spinning to perfection. Fox would be a fairly good channel if it could ditch Bill and The Five slapstock comedy routine.

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