The creation versus evolution controversy is ubiquitous—it’s virtually everywhere. Evolutionists routinely and repeatedly provide the public with a counterfeit history of human origins, and that tall tale is so pervasive that it is literally hidden in plain view.1

What if I Had Never Been Born?

Before we look at a couple of examples, let’s consider first how God’s creation is the most basic blessing that He has given to each one of us. If God did not make us to start with, no other blessing would matter. He created each one of us as unique individuals. Each human being was deliberately planned, foreknown, and provided for by God as the exact person He intended him or her to be.

While I was touring the World War II museums in Fredericksburg, Texas, recently, I considered this contingency: What if the two atomic bombs had not been dropped on Japan, catalyzing a quick surrender by the Japanese emperor and thereby ending World War II?2  The Allies would have invaded the Japanese homeland with several hundreds of thousands of troops. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Purple Heart awards were already authorized for manufacture in anticipation of the expected casualties. Many hundreds of thousands would likely have been killed and/or wounded, with a million deaths, counting both sides, expected during the year to follow such an invasion. But Japan chose surrender rather than risk any more atomic bombs.

Had the war continued, my father would have been one of the U.S. Marines sent to invade Japan’s shores. As my wife and I viewed the museum exhibits, I considered the possible end result of this scenario. My father may have been killed, so my siblings and I might have never been born. There are many such what-if scenarios that our minds cannot fully comprehend, but they pose no problem for God.3

Evolutionist Teaching Illustrated in Military History

During World War II, the Allies exerted great efforts to learn the military secrets of their adversaries. They monitored radio transmissions from Germany, Italy, and Japan, and then tried to decipher the encoded messages.4 Japanese officials stationed in Germany and in Italy reported military information to Japan, so the interception of their military transmissions—if and when the content could be accurately and timely deciphered—often provided military secrets not only of the Japanese, but also about the war machines of Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. Consequently, American and British code-breakers carefully scrutinized whatever they could learn from military messages sent from Germany or Italy to Japan….

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