As astronomers around the world continue to find evidence for planets in distant solar systems, everyone keeps wondering if any of them could be the home of intelligent life.

One of the methods being used to search for extraterrestrial life has been carried by SETI for a number of years.  SETI has an array of satellite dishes that they train to the distant heavens in search of picking a signal that could indicate an intelligent source.

To date, they have been listening for any signal from 86 exoplanets using the Kepler space telescope.  When they began to analyze their data, they started to get excited as there seemed to be some signals that were obviously different from the background noise they usually heard.  In their haste, they announced that they had found some ‘hits’ within their data.

However, further examination revealed the hits to be radio interference from here on Earth.  But not to seem too disappointed, the SETI researchers said that they were actually pleased that their equipment and programs detected the man-made signals which most likely came from orbiting satellites as they are similar to the signals they expect to find from other civilizations.

The bottom line from the SETI folks so far is: No Aliens!

The SETI project continues to use millions of dollars and thousands of man hours in their quest for ET.  They are also spending millions of dollars to say that there is no God.  If they believed in God and that the Bible is His inerrant Word, then they would know that He created the earth first and then the rest of the universe on Day 4.  He created life here on earth, not elsewhere.

Russell Grigg wrote a brief explanation as to why we would not expect to find any extraterrestrial intelligent life which I will include here:

Whether there is life on any planet other than Earth is another matter. The Bible teaches that life began on Earth through a process of commanded-by-God creation (Genesis 1:11–27). It also tells us that God’s purposes are centred on Earth. Thus God created Earth (on Day 1) before He created “the lights in the firmament of heaven” (on Day 4), which were “to divide the day from the night” and were “for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years” (Genesis 1:14), i.e. for the benefit of mankind.

Man and woman were both “made in the likeness of God” (Genesis 1:27). This, coupled with factors such as the Fall, the Incarnation, the redemption of mankind through the once-only death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Coming of Christ to Earth, and the coming Judgment of all mankind, show Earth’s unique importance among the billions of billions of stars in the universe. This is despite the frequent belittling, by evolutionists, of the importance of Earth.

The above also implies that God did not create any other life forms elsewhere in the universe.

If, however, some form of microbial life should one day be found on Mars, Europa, or elsewhere within our solar system, this would not prove that it had evolved (or been created) there. Such life could be seeded from Earth, because:

1.    If rocks can be blasted from Mars to Earth, the process should also be possible from Earth to Mars, as physicist Paul Davies suggests.
2.    Bacterial spores may be able to survive the relatively short journey involved compared to interstellar travel.
3.    Spores in Earth’s upper atmosphere could be pushed into space and then to another planet or moon by the solar wind.
4.    There is always the risk of contamination by Earth bacteria of the surface of a planet or moon on which any man-made space vehicle lands and digs.

The fervent search to authenticate “astrobiology” has generated much data, but to date this has, if anything, strengthened the Genesis record of the creation of life on Earth. Contrary to the claims of evolutionists and the many imaginative Hollywood epics like ET, Star Wars, Independence Day, etc., the coming of aliens to Earth from outer space will always remain in the realm of science fiction.


Grigg, Russell, Did life come to Earth from outer space?, Creation, vol. 22, no. 4, Sept, 2000, pp. 40-43.

Murphy, David, First Kepler SETI Signals ID’d: No Aliens, PC Mag, Jan. 7, 2012.


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