Sometimes the demand to assume a neutral stance, a non-committal attitude toward the truthfulness of Scripture, is heard in the area of Christian scholarship (whether it be the field of history, science, literature, philosophy, or whatever).  Teachers, researchers, and writers are often led to the think that honesty demands for them to put aside all distinctly Christian commitments when they study in an area which is not directly related to matters of Sunday worship.  They reason that since truth is truth wherever it may be found, one should be able to search for truth under the guidance of the acclaimed thinkers in the field, even if they are secular in their outlook.  “Is it really necessary to hold to teachings of the Bible if you are to understand properly the War of 1812, the chemical composition of water, the plays of Shakespeare, or the rules of logic?”  Such is the rhetorical question of those who are disposed to insist on neutrality from Christians working in scholarly areas.

Bahnsen, Greg, Always Ready: Direction for Defending the Faith, Ed. By Randy Booth, Covenant Media Press, Nacogdoches, TX, 1996, p. 3.

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