A Google friend sent me some screen shots of the Carnarvon Gorge area, saying “I was inspired by your latest blog post to ‘Google-Earth’ Carnarvon Gorge.” The first shot here helps us picture what was happening as the floodwaters were receding. My friend says:


The blue sea level is set at 880m asl, and clearly delineates the flatness of the Consuelo Tableland. Carnarvon Gorge is the embayment at the left of the image, containing a violet finger at 510m asl. The circle indicates a knickpoint1 transition between two surfaces. The lower profile belongs to the red line drawn along Clematis Ridge. It is about 17 km long, and shows at least 5 water gaps along the way. The gap furthest to the left is the entrance to the gorge.

My friend also said that they truly believe Google maps and Google Earth is the vanguard of creationist geologic work! It’s the sort of thing that could make a good school project. Students could easily investigate and publish (on a blog) original research into one of the multitude of amazing localities on Earth….

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