From Howard:

I believe in creation but I don’t believe that the God of the bible is the creator. I would rather believe what the deist’s teach. As for revealed religion, I believe it all to be one gigantic hoax.


You say that you would rather believe what the deist’s teach and then say that religion is a gigantic hoax.  Your response is inconsistent.  Why would you rather believe in one of the aspects of religion that you believe to be a hoax? Deist’s still believed in God and that the God created everything and then just sat back and let it all happen.  So how can you say you believe what the deist’s believe and yet deny religion as a hoax?

If you really want to know about the greatest Hoax on earth, I would recommend the following book – The Greatest Hoax on Earth? by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. 

I would be very curious to know exactly how you define creation if not by God, then by whom or what did the creating.  There has to be a cause that started it all.  None of the evolutionary theories have an explainable cause because whatever they purport as being the beginning ends up having to have its own cause and so on.  It’s like looking into a series of mirrors positioned opposite each other.  When you look at the one, you see your image in the mirror opposite which also has your image and so on down to a point of infinity that becomes too small to see.

When you state that all religion is a hoax, are you saying that a belief in the God of the Bible is a hoax or irrational?  To borrow part of a response to an atheist:

This presupposes that it is irrational to believe anything without proof. However, according to the fundamentals of basic logic, all belief systems start with axioms, which by definition are accepted to be true without proof. This applies to atheism, science, mathematics, and propositional logic itself. And there are also many other propositions in everyday life that people believe without mathematically rigorous proof, e.g. that the sun will rise tomorrow, that a mother loves her child, etc. Therefore it is perfectly logical for Christians to use the propositions of Scripture as axioms. This is our bottom line—although the above arguments for God’s existence can be helpful, we believe that the Scriptures are their own authority. We do not ultimately try to prove the Bible with science, for that would place science in authority.

The difference between the Christian’s axioms and the atheist’s is that ours are self-consistent, make good sense of the evidence, and are consistent with the arguments proposed above. Conversely, the atheist’s axioms are ultimately self-refuting—perhaps the greatest form of irrationality is to believe in rationality when that rationality was supposedly ultimately produced by non-rational random combinations of chemicals. The great English writer and converted atheist, C.S. Lewis, pointed this out.

I highly suggest you read the entire response which can be found at: Atheism is more rational?


From Larry:

I placed your site on my Facebook talking about the big bang. My son from my ex wife is an agnostic working on his doctorate in philosophy placed this link next to mine.

I thought oh brother? It seems like talk origins goes to great length to explain away Creation Science. Do have a good counter to this?


TalkOrigins, like a number of other websites, has spent a great deal of time and effort to rebut many creationist claims and research.  A number of their contributors denounce creationism as being unscientific and nothing worth paying much attention to. My first question to them is if creationism is so unscientific and not worth giving serious attention to, then why do they spend so much time and effort trying to rebut it?  I’ve posed this same question for all of the organizations such as Eugenie Scott’s NCSE, that say the same thing.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to speak to a number of high school teachers and college professors that also claim that there is nothing scientific or valid to creationist views.  In most of these cases I’ve asked them if there is nothing scientific to creationist views, they why are they so opposed to giving students the opportunity to scrutinize them against the evolutionary views and prove for themselves which one better matches the evidence.  More often than not, they hedge around the subject without addressing the question.  There is a good reason that they don’t answer.  In the majority of cases when students have been allowed to compare and study both creation and evolutionary views, the students find that the creationist views better fit the evidence, and you know that the evolutionists also know this and don’t want it to happen.

However, back to the issue of the Big Bang and supposed evidence posted on TalkOrigins to support it.  It may look extensive and impressive, but don’t let that overwhelm you.  If you do some searching, you will find that there is also a great deal of creationist material that discussed the Big Bang and the problems with it.  To start with, I would direct you to my recent article, Millions of Dollars to Recreate a Myth and read the part that discusses the Open Letter and how more and more secular scientists are signing onto the letter.  The Open Letter is an example of the growing number of secular scientists that see major problems with the Big Bang and that it really does not have any quantitative evidence to support it. 

We have several excellent products that discuss some of the prevalent creationist views on the origin of the universe.  They are;

Creation Astronomy DVD with Dr. Jason Lisle

Starlight and Time DVD with Dr. Russell Humphreys

Starlight, Time and the New Physics with Dr. John Hartnett

Additionally, I would advise you check out all of the different articles about the Big Bang the posted at  Just type Big Bang in the Search box and enjoy the plethora of information.


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This is totally awesome! Very nice article.

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow – one of which is this wonderful website. The abundance of information here, on the fascinating works of our Creator and Savior, provides even greater blessings daily. If it were humanly possible, I would try to read every article on every topic. I’ll just read what I’m able for now and wait for that glorious day when all will be revealed.

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Really enjoyed this article. Thanks for passing it along & sharing it with us. You offer some extremely interesting info… Thanks again for all you share!

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Great article…

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Congratulations to the writer(s) of this article…

From Jonathan:

Excellent article, David. You have truly placed me in more awe of Jesus’ miracle for the blind man! What a powerful God we serve.

From Magda:

I thank God for giving you such straightforwardness. I am told by “so called mature Christians” that times change but I know that God’s moral standards NEVER change or lower. Thank you again.

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