Now that anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming (AGW) has become a ‘hot topic’ (bad pun) many people ask us at meetings what Bible-believing Christians should think about this issue.

The short answer is, ‘It’s not for us to tell you what to think about it’. Apart from the fact that we have no special expertise in climate science, anyway, it’s one of those many issues that are not directly dealt with in Scripture. So it’s inappropriate to try to prescribe a single, simple, one-size-fits-all answer that is somehow the only ‘kosher’ viewpoint which is binding on believers.

We call these sorts of things ‘wisdom issues’. Since the Bible does not address it directly, Christians are free to make up their minds on such an important issue based on the best understanding of the evidence, and guided by the Bible’s general moral principles (such as doing good and avoiding harm to others, etc.)

And on such wisdom issues, evidence can change as time goes on, and can vary case by case.

And in any wisdom issue, the evidence could shift back again the other way—there may have been a mistake in the reporting of the evidence, for instance. Or more facts are available that were not previously known. This is addressed briefly in a past editorial in Creation magazine: Hot potatoes….

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