A recent interview in CMI’s Creation magazine emphasized the rap music group Destiny Lab’s biblical creationist views and their mission to spread the biblical Gospel using an unusual medium. We received a couple of comments from readers who were concerned that any association with rap is ungodly and cannot be justified. The editorial team for Creation magazine had asked our US CEO, Gary Bates, to conduct an intervew with the group due in part to his geographical location, and also Gary’s interest in cultural phenomena. As with many scientists, individuals and other ministries that might be portrayed in Creation magazine, it does not automatically follow that we endorse every other aspect of the ministry of interviewees, or even any other theological views that they hold. The point is to show how others are using biblical creation to argue against evolution and for Christianity, and how others have realized the importance of this issue. Here’s Gary’s response to some issues raised.

It is all too easy to ‘demonize’ a music style because its major practitioners use it to promote ungodly lifestyles and practices. I am personally not a rap fan for probably many of the same reasons as others. Most of it has unwholesome lyrics, and promotes a distinctly hedonistic culture. In short, I dislike what it represents. So, it’s easy to judge a music style when it doesn’t go along with one’s own tastes. But it is important to judge biblically before reacting based on our own preferences.

Bad beats?

Music styles can basically be differentiated based on the tempo and beat of the music and how the lyrics interact with the melody. Are some beats ‘ungodly’ while some are ‘godly’? For example, I’ve been in churches where some think that drums are an occult tool used to raise up demons (this came about primarily because in some third world cultures the banging of drums is used for this). However, does that mean that drums themselves are inherently evil? The Hebrew nation most certainly used drums for worship and praise, as in Exodus 15:20–21; the timbrel is a small hand-drum. This shows how subjective such individual judgments can be—see more later….

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