By Tas Walker

A creationist friend emailed me about a geology field trip he went on, conducted by the geology department of his university. As a mature-age student he is excited to see firsthand how the geological evidence in the field supports the biblical account of Noah’s Flood and global catastrophe. I’ve slightly edited his email for anonymity.

I just spent 4 days backpacking as part of my geology minor measuring various properties of water-laid sediments including the dip angle of cross beds, sorting, rounding, plunge angles of anticlines and mineralogy. We also developed a geological history. Then we prepared microscopic slides and analysed them to determine the mineral history.

What is revealing is how frequently the geology lecturers talk about and invoke catastrophic deposition. They argue that many of the observed layers have been laid down in hours … yes hours!!!! These layers can be quite thick, a few meters, and consist of coarse- to fine-grained sandstone that runs for tens of kilometres. They are laid down by high speed turbidity currents. These are interspersed with several metres of mud. So you have layers of mud, then sandstone, then mud then sandstone.

However, given that the current rate of deposition of mud on the ocean floor is very slow, they argue the mud layer takes many hundreds of thousands of years to form. Yet the mud is highly laminated, with hundreds of obvious bands in it. Why would the eroding system on the continent above create light mud for a few thousand years, then dark mud for the next few thousand, then back to the same light mud for the next few thousand, and so on for hundreds of cycles? It doesn’t make sense. When I asked, the geologists leading our group didn’t have any good explanation….

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