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Genetics Research Confirms Biblical Timeline

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by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D.

genetic_research_bib_time_wideExciting research from the summer of 2012 described DNA variation in the protein coding regions of the human genome linked to population growth. One of the investigation’s conclusions was that the human genome began to rapidly diversify not more than 5,000 years ago.1,2 This observation closely agrees with a biblical timeline of post-flood human diversification. Yet another study, this one published in the journal Nature, accessed even more extensive data and unintentionally confirmed the recent human history described in Genesis.3

Differences in human DNA can be characterized across populations and ethnic groups using a variety of techniques. One of the most informative genetic technologies in this regard is the analysis of rare DNA variation in the protein coding regions of the genome. Variability in these regions is less frequent than the more numerous genetic differences that occur in the non-coding regulatory regions. Researchers can statistically combine this information with demographic data derived from population growth across the world to generate time scales related to human genetic diversification.4

What makes this type of research unique is that evolutionary scientists typically incorporate hypothetical deep time scales taken from the authority of paleontologists or other similar deep-time scenarios to calibrate models of genetic change over time. Demographics-based studies using observed world population dynamics do not rely on this bias and are therefore more accurate and realistic….

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  • Robert A. Saunders.

    This proposition is complete nonsense. In fact, it is trivial to calculate that the current mutation rate of humans (roughly 30 mutations per generation) shows life extending back about 3 billion years.

    • Rod

      Do you reject the Scriptures outright? Are you unaware of the EXTENSIVE studies that show the impossibility of the earth being millions (let alone billions) of years old? Perhaps you might consider reading the extensive resources and see whether you can continue to believe as you do.

  • aol

    2nd Book of Esdras: Chap. 14 verse 11 -. (The Seventh Vision) ” The whole history of the world is divided into twelve periods,…..

  • Seymour Kleerly

    These articles should be labeled; “For kids 4-7 years old”!

    • Rod

      If you COULD “see more clearly” you wouldn’t mock scientific conclusions that disprove your prevailing biases. There are a vastly growing set of studies that absolutely disprove public education on many matters.

      • Seymour Kleerly

        Science can always be improved, hard to comprehend events should not be replaced with Kiddie tales.

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