Not all the feedback we receive from atheists is necessarily hostile. Matthew B. writes in with a couple of scientific questions. His messages are printed in full, followed by responses from CMI-US’s Dr. Robert Carter.


I am impressed and pleased for your level of devotion to this website, but unfortunately do not agree with it.

I shall not attempt to waste your time by trying to answer questions which you have already tried to answer on this site, but restrict my email to just two questions which I feel have not been adequately explained/rebutted.

1) Do you dispute the evidence from genetic distribution of characteristics as evidence for evolution? It is scientifically proven that certain animals/plants share certain genetic characteristics, and it is accepted that they can be arranged into a hierarchy that fits independently with the hierarchy specified and predicted by evolution. Would you care to describe the creationist perspective?

(NB/ Please do not use the traditional ‘God made that hierarchy’ answer; I would prefer to know why if that is the case, and have scientific reasons given).

2) Do you dispute the evidence for evolution from the geographical distribution of life? It is accepted that the distribution of plants and animals fits with the theories of evolution and plate tectonics. Having visited the (generally recognized) best examples of this theory’s consequences in person (Madagascar and the Galapagos), I am astounded that anyone can dispute the sound logic and hard proven science surrounding this issue. Please describe the creationist ‘rebuttal’ of this argument in a way that would satisfy a biologist/geographer (as myself).

I hope to hear some good sound answers to increase my respect and understanding of the creationist worldview. Please bear in mind that I am an atheist, and as such do not see the Bible as evidence in any way for the view of creationism. Good luck!

My kindest regards,

Matthew B….

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