A new online tool to study Genesis

CMI is excited to announce Genesis Verse-by-Verse, a new Bible study tool on CREATION.com that links individual verses in Genesis chapters 1–11 directly to articles pertaining to that verse. Our site has over 8,000 articles which reflect over 30 years of quality creation research, but searching through so much information can be a daunting task, especially for the growing number of people who are new to CREATION.com. Genesis Verse-by-Verse is designed to help you easily connect with the information that will answer your questions about the Bible.

Genesis is the most-attacked book in all of Scripture. Because practically every person has been exposed to some evolutionary teaching, many wonder whether the Bible can be trusted when it teaches a different account of origins. Some attempt to blend aspects of evolution and millions of years with the Bible because they don’t think that the historical interpretation of Genesis can be defended. Many churches don’t teach on Genesis because leaders don’t feel equipped to defend it in the face of the seemingly overwhelming barrage of teaching on evolution.

The Verse-by-Verse page celebrates the fact that God’s Word in Genesis is fully capable of standing tall in the face of popular evolution theory. Just scroll to the verse in question to see relevant articles that refute evolutionary and compromising attacks on Scripture, as well as affirm the accuracy of the biblical text. We also list New Testament references to Genesis, to show how many New Testament doctrines have their foundation in the history recorded in Genesis….

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