Creation worldview undermined

Christians who believe in including Genesis in their witnessing often receive negative comments such as, “Forget the trivial issues; just preach the gospel”. So what approach to witnessing is most effective?

There is a multitude of witnessing material available presenting various points in a variety of formats—tracts, courses, books, DVDs etc. The diagram below is based on the tract Knowing God Personally by Campus Crusade for Christ.

However, people’s receptiveness to the gospel message can be affected by various stumbling blocks. Many people have difficulty with the first step—acknowledging that there is a loving creator God—if they have been indoctrinated with evolution.

Until the 1950s, people in western societies generally had a Christian worldview. This was still the case in Australia in 1959, for example, when Billy Graham held a crusade there. Virtually no-one who attended had any knowledge of the theory of evolution at that time, but almost all had been exposed to Christian teaching as children through Sunday school and religious education at school. Hence, the vast majority of those attending the crusade knew the Bible stories of creation (i.e. step 1 above), the birth and death of Jesus (part of step 3), and they were familiar with the 10 commandments and sin (step 2). As the building blocks of the salvation message were already in place, most people understood the gospel message and a huge number of people responded.

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