The BBC article below describes the discovery the fossil of a new species of dolphin that supposedly lived 2-3 millions years ago.  A fisherman in the North Sea was bottom trawling when his nets brought up a section of the dolphin skull.

What I found more interesting than the obvious mention to millions of years, is the amount of fossils being dredged up from the bottom of the North Sea.  The article mentions that tens of thousands of fossils are being recovered from the sea floor and that “many of which defy classification”. 

So many fossils are identified by fewer than 5 bones or fragments of bones, that one has to wonder how accurate the identifications are.  Some of these fragmentary identifications are used to support the evolutionary concepts of transitional forms. 

‘Balloon head’ dolphin discovered

A new type of dolphin with a short, spoon-shaped nose and high, bulbous forehead has been identified from a fossil found in the North Sea.

The Platalearostrum hoekmani was named after Albert Hoekman, the Dutch fisherman who in 2008 trawled up a bone from the creature’s skull.

Up to six metres in length, the dolphin lived two to three million years ago….

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