The old picture of human evolution is in tatters again.

Your face is probably more primitive than a Neanderthal’s.” That surprising headline on the BBC News summarizes the radical change in thinking of leading evolutionary paleoanthropologists about so-called ‘modern’ humans: i.e., those members of our genus Homo that have been unblessed by the self-serving species name sapiens (“the wise”).  If you read Richard Gray’s article without the assumption of evolution, you may find yourself questioning the sapience of some moderns.

  1. Paleoanthropologists are changing the stories they have told the public for decades. They now think “our distinctive facial features may be far older than many anthropologists originally believed.
  2. Chris Stringer of London’s Natural History Museum used to believe that Homo heidelbergensis was intermediate between Neanderthals and modern humans. He and other evolutionists have changed their mind.
  3. Evolutionary paleoanthropologists, faced with contradictory evidence from fossils in Spain they dubbed Homo antecessor, ignored it. “At first, this apparent contradiction was hand-waved away.” This ‘species’ was dated far too early — up to 1.2 million Darwin Years ago. Scientists aren’t supposed to ignore evidence with hand-waving.




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