A population of insects called “living fossils” has been located in Australia.  These tiny insects, called ancient greenling damselflies, have no living relatives.  Their closest relatives disappeared from the fossil record 250 to 300 million years ago in the geological column, according to The Age1 and Heidelberg Leader.2  The wingspan of the insects is only 22mm and they are camouflaged, so it was difficult to detect them.  A scientist involved in the discovery said, “There are a lot of unanswered questions.”

A big entry in the class of impossible-to-believe claims of evolution is the notion that an animal went extinct in the age of dinosaurs but still is found alive today, hundreds of millions of years later.  If this were the only case it would be enough to cause serious doubts about the consensus age of the earth and Darwinian evolution, but there are many living fossils [see Creation Matters 3(2):1-3, 1998 and 12(6):10, 2007].


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