If I asked you if you thought fleas or lice were good, you’d probably look at me as if I had two heads.  For most pet owners, especially those that belong to a dog, fleas are a curse that often leads to extensive cleaning of the pet and the house.  Parents of kids in public schools always fear getting the dreaded letter from the school informing them that their child has been exposed to head lice.

Yet, anyone that believes in biblical creation over millions of years has to accept the fact that fleas and lice are not only good, but very good.  Allow me to explain.

Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of two species of fleas and possibly lice that they date back to the time of the dinosaurs.  Unlike today’s fleas that are tiny and can jump many times higher than they are tall, the fossil fleas ranged in size from 0.7 to 0.9 inches in size.  Their mouth parts were also much larger than those of modern day fleas.  Instead of the flat vertical bodies of today, these fleas were flat like ticks.

George Poinar Jr, professor emeritus of zoology at Oregon State University described the huge fleas as being pests to the dinosaurs by getting between their scales on the softer underbelly areas.  He added,

It would have felt about like a hypodermic needle going in, a flea shot, if not a flu shot.  We can be thankful our modern fleas are not nearly this big.

Although the report did not mention lice fossils, they did indicated that they believed these other blood sucking parasites were a bother to the dinosaurs and other animals that lived about 165 million years ago.

Now, if you believe the Bible and millions of years, you have a theological problem involving the fleas and lice.

At the end of the sixth day of creation as recorded in Genesis 1:31, God pronounced everything as being ‘very good’ and by everything, God clearly meant everything He created over the six days of creation.  That means that millions of years of death, disease and blood sucking insects like fleas and lice would also be very good.

Had the dinosaurs upon which the fleas feasted lived and died millions of years prior to the creation of man on Day 6, then their deaths would also have been very good.  And since we have fossil evidence of cancers, tumors and gout in dinosaurs, these diseases would also be very good.

Have any of you had a loved one or friend that suffered and possibly died from cancer?  Would you describe what they went through as being very good?

I had a co-worker who contracted liver cancer and eventually died from it.  It ravaged his body for months.  Before he died, he told me that cancer and death were definitely not very good and could not have existed prior to God’s proclamation in Genesis 1:31.

More importantly is how this relates to Jesus Christ.  If death existed prior to God’s pronouncement of being very good, then why was death the penalty for Adam’s sin?  If death was very good, then why did God require a blood sacrifice for the remission of sin prior to Christ’s birth?  If death was very good, then why did Jesus have to die on the Cross for our sins?  If death was very good, then is it referred to as the last enemy in 1 Corinthians 15:26?

I find it so sad that so many Christians compromised their understanding of the Bible and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by believing in millions of years.  They just don’t comprehend that millions of years of death completely undermines the Cross and sends it crashing to the ground.  It also makes Jesus out to be a liar as He often quoted from Genesis and accepted it as literal history.

If you still have questions about death, including animal death prior to Genesis 1:31 and Adam’s sin in Genesis 3, then I strongly urge you to ready Philip Bell’s excellent article titled The problem of evil: pre-Fall animal death?  If you are one of these Christians who believe in millions of years, I pray that you grasp the danger of doing so. 



Bryner, Jeanna.  Monster ‘Fleas’ Put the Bite on Dinosaurs, Live Science, May 2, 2012.


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