Editor’s Note: David Coppedge’s creation website is CREV.  We regularly try to post his articles here on Creation Revolution, but of late, he hasn’t been able to do much posting because of his lawsuit and trial.

David Coppedge worked as a high-level technical specialist for the Jet Propulsion Laboratories for fourteen years.  He worked on the Cassini mission to Saturn.

David is an outspoken biblical creationist.  He has his own creation website and has written prolifically on the creation – evolution issue and is well respected by other creationists worldwide.

The California Institute of Technology operates the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and were quite aware of David’s creationist views.  They issued David a written warning for ‘pushing his religion’ to other JPL workers while on the job.  This was followed up with a charge of harassment.  Eventually, David was demoted in position and pay.

David believed that he was being targeted because of his creationist beliefs and filed a lawsuit against JPL in 2010.  Shortly after filing suit, they fired David, citing a need to cut their budget.

In November of 2011, the Superior Court of California for the County of Los Angeles said that they saw enough merit to David’s case that it had to go to a trial.  That trial starts today.

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