A friend who lives near Laidley west of Brisbane wrote asking me for information about his property.

We have this ridge of sandstone cliffs down the middle of the block, just over one thousand feet above sea level. We often have groups of young people from our church out on Bar B Ques. I would love to have a little knowledge of the geology behind these formations to explain the layers to the young people, especially if they show evidence of the Flood.

I sent information to help the young people understand how the landscape connected with the Bible.

First, I included a geological map (above figure, which was an extract from the Moreton geological map available on the web). I marked where he lived on the map and briefly explained the legend:

  • Jbm stands for Jurassic Marburg Formation, which is made of sandstone, siltstone, shale, conglomerate and coal plus some ironstone.
  • Jw stands for the Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures and they sit underneath the Marburg Formation.
  • Tv stands for Tertiary volcanics, which are mostly basalt.
  • The yellow area (not labelled on the map) is called Tertiary Main Range Volcanics, which consists mostly of basalt.

Then I briefly explained the geological history of the Brisbane area outlining the sequence of events, and sent him print-outs of the relevant articles.

The rocks around your home (Jbm and Jw) were deposited as the waters of Noah’s Flood were rising. These are part of the sediments that form the Great Artesian Basin which stretches from the coast near Brisbane to the Northern Territory, to South Australia and to Cape York. (The area is shown in the third and fourth images on the article about the geological history of the Brisbane area.) They contain dinosaur fossils in various places as well as dinosaur footprints….

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