Once again we find that a prevailing evolutionary theory has to be altered because of new data.  The article below from Scientific American is another example of how unstable and constantly changing evolution really is.

To read some of the problems with the evolutionary theories on human sexuality and the development of the sexes, read Problems in Sexual Selection Theory and Neo-Darwinism by Dr. Jerry Bergman.

The Article – Student Surveys Contradict Claims of Evolved Sex Differences

For more than three decades evolutionary psychologists have advanced a simple theory of human sexuality: because men invest less reproductive effort in sperm than women do in eggs, men’s and women’s brains have been shaped differently by evolution. As a result, men are eager for sex whereas women are relatively choosy. But a steady stream of recent evidence suggests this paradigm could be in need of a makeover.

“The science is now getting to a point where there is good data to question some of the assumptions of evolutionary psychology,” says social psychologist Wendy Wood of the University of Southern California (U.S.C.)….

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