To understand human exceptionalism, we will have to first eradicate fake science promulgated by dismissive materialists.

Piaget Was Wrong

A materialist who viewed the brain’s development as an extension of the processes of biological evolution misled psychology for decades. Influential child psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980) taught that children were incapable of separating cause from effect. He also taught that children were unaware of the thought processes of others. That was wrong, says psychologist Henrike Moll of the University of Southern California (USC). Writing in The Conversation, Moll says that “Children understand far more about other minds than long believed.” She spends much of her article correcting the fake science Piaget taught.

Today, a very different picture of children’s mental development emerges. Psychologists continually reveal new insights into the depth of young children’s knowledge of the world, including their understanding of other minds. Recent studies suggest that even infants are sensitive to others’ perspectives and beliefs.

Moll lets Piaget off the hook with the excuse that he lacked the tools available today. She describes experiments done at USC that seem to indicate a more “nuanced” picture of children’s capabilities. “Consequently, the old view of children’s egocentric nature and intellectual weaknesses has increasingly fallen out of favor and become replaced by a more generous position that sees a budding sense not only of the physical world but also of other minds, even in the ‘youngest young.’” she says. It’s hard to see how or why that would have evolved.

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