Regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, evolutionists still cling to the theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds.  They ignore the fact that according to their own dating methods that some birds predate the dinosaurs they supposedly evolved from.  They ignore the fact that the dinosaurs that supposedly gave rise to birds are the ones with lizard hips and not bird hips.  They ignore the fact that dinosaur and bird physiology, especially the heart and lungs, are completely different.  More importantly, they ignore the fact that God created birds on Day 5 of Creation and dinosaurs on Day 6.

Yet in their pursuit to find how the miraculous transition from dinosaur-to-bird took place, they continue to spend thousands of dollars and hours on one study after another.  One of the most recent of these studies stretched the imagination even further.  A number of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Harvard University have just published a report with one of the most unbelievable conclusions I’ve read lately.

Teams at both schools took CT scans of numerous theropod dinosaurs and birds.  They focused their attention on specific bones and locations of each skull in an attempt to map out the evolutionary changes that supposedly took place.

When they compared the scans of adult theropod skulls to the skulls of birds, they found too many differences between them.  In general, the bird skulls showed that they had substantially larger eyes and brains than the dinosaurs who had longer snouts and mouths full of teeth.  However, when they compared the skulls of juvenile dinosaurs to those of the birds they found more similarities.

Based upon those similarities of the bird and juvenile bird skulls, the researchers concluded that the evolution to birds involved a drastic change in the early development that allowed birds to remain more like the juvenile dinosaurs.  It allowed birds to reach maturity in a matter of months instead of years as in the dinosaurs.

They don’t explain how this drastic change occurred or what actually prompted it, but they are certain it happened because the skulls of young dinosaurs are similar to the skulls of birds.

According to Harvard associate professor Arkhat Abzhanov:

What is interesting about this research is the way it illustrates evolution as a developmental phenomenon.  By changing the developmental biology in early species, nature has produced the modern bird — an entirely new creature — and one that, with approximately 10,000 species, is today the most successful group of land vertebrates on the planet.

If you believe a story like this, I have a bridge to sell you.  What amazes me is that people who do believe fantastic stories like this claim that those of us that believe in the Bible have a blind faith.  Yet, I contend that it requires a whole lot more faith to believe in stories like this when there really isn’t any evidence to explain or support it.


Evolution of Birds Is Result of a Drastic Change in How Dinosaurs Developed, Science Daily, May 30, 2012.

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