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Evolutionists Admit That Most Human Mutations Occurred In Last 5,000 Years

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According to the prevailing evolutionary theory, modern humans evolved about 200,000 to 250,000 years ago.  If evolution were true, one would expect that there was an abundance of mutations in the human genome during that time and afterwards.

But according to recent research, that is not the case.  In fact, the new study indicates that at least 90% of the deleterious mutational variants in the human genome occurred in the last 200 to 400 generations (5,000 to 10,000 years).

Researchers from the University of Washington conducted a genetic study involving about 4,300 European-Americans and 2,200 black Americans.  Their study concentrated on a single-letter variation within the human DNA of all of the study subjects.

What they found is that the vast majority of mutations found happened in fairly recently and were not spread over a couple hundred thousand years as they had expected.  In commenting about their results, Joshua Akey, one of the researchers involved in the study said:

Recent human history has profoundly shaped patterns of genetic variation present in contemporary populations.  Our results suggest that ~90% of evolutionary deleterious variants arose in the last 200-400 generations.

There’s an enormous amount of recently arisen, rare mutations that’s directly attributable to the explosive population growth over the last two to four generations.

The researchers said they could also see evidence of mass die-offs such as the Black Plague that killed nearly one third of the European population around 1350 AD.  Events like this are known as genetic bottlenecks as they can have a major influence in reducing the number of genetic variations passed on.

From the study, they determined that every person has an average of about 150 new mutations that their parents didn’t have.  This many new mutations can have a significant effect on the local population, depending upon the size of that population.  As the populations continue to grow and expand, it creates opportunities for even more new mutations to occur.  The faster a population grows, the greater the rate of mutations such as a population explosion that they say occurred about 5,000 years ago.

This is where I started to get really excited about their study and their findings.  They talked about a population explosion that started most of the increased mutation rate happening about 5,000 year ago.  Interestingly, they didn’t offer any definition of what caused that population explosion.

Perhaps I can shed some light on it for them.  When I turn to God’s Word in Genesis 6-8, I read about a flood that destroyed all human life on earth except for 8 people.  We have no idea of what the earth’s population was prior to the Flood, but many creation scientists believe it was in the millions.

According to Genesis chronology, the Flood occurred around 1,656 years after Creation.  If you follow the rest of biblical chronology and the work done it by Archbishop James Ussher, Creation occurred in 4,004 BC.  Doing the math, that places the Flood, which would have been the greatest genetic bottleneck in history, about 4,360 years ago.  If you take into account the rapid population explosion that took place after and then account for the dispersion of people to all parts of the world from the Tower of Babel, which would have created a larger number of smaller bottlenecks, the biblical dates will fall within the parameters of the researchers conclusions.

However, you won’t find them making the same connection because they reject the Bible as just a collection of old stories and fairytales.  But when you start with God’s perfect and true Word, you find that real science supports the Bible and makes a lot more sense than believing in hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, but most all of the mutations found are only about 5,000 years old.


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  • SirWilhelm

    Using the Bible as your standard of reference, is like using the Reader’s Digest library. The Bible is the condensed and edited versions of earlier texts, and reflect the preferences, and the prejudices, of the Bible’s Editor. That’s fine if you worship the Editor and His Son, and I give them all due respect as Deities trying to civilize at least part of humanity, but, the devil is in the details that have been left out, or changed to make the Editor look better. Even worse, the more ancient texts the Bible are based on are incomplete, with parts lost, or damaged, over time. I believe in a Creator, and enjoy seeing evidence like this, that helps fill in some blanks, but, keep an open mind, because there is much we need to learn, whether Creationist, or Evolutionist.

    • 5StarTexan

      You are wrong and do not know what you are talking about. The Bible historically is more reliable that any other historical sources even when measured by scholars historical and physical proving standards. Documentation and archeology backs up the Bible with shorter periods of time from the reporting of these historical facts than does those of the secular sciences!!!

      • SirWilhelm

        What other books besides the Bible have you read? What do you know about the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians, and the gods they shared with different names? When you say I am wrong, and do not know what I’m talking about, be specific. I did not say the Bible was not reliable, as far as it goes, but, if you don’t compare it, for yourself, with other sources, you can’t know where it has been condensed and edited. For instance, in the older Flood stories, a god named Enki, goes behind the back of, and disobeys the orders of, his superior god, and brother, Enlil, and warns his own son, by a human woman, about the coming Flood, and helps him build the Ark. Doesn’t two gods disagreeing about saving man, make more sense than the Biblical God first condemning man, then deciding to save Noah and his family? Isn’t that a bit schizophrenic? And Biblical scholars are usually concerned in confirming what will confirm their personal beliefs in the contents of the Bible. I’m not sure what you mean by “shorter periods of time from the reporting of these historical facts than does those of the secular sciences!!!”?

  • Diviney

    It would seem that the most profound and detrimental mutation happened in just the last 100 years and has become commonplace this past decade. The mutation has caused the mental illness called liberalism. It is a insidious transformation of the human brain affecting logical thinking and impeding the ability to apply reason. It is manifested in the inability to develop one’s own thinking.

  • Jeff Dixon

    As usual, this site takes an actual story about evolution and attempts to spin it into their creationist model. The story was that it seemed that humans had stopped evolving 50,000 years ago. New data shows that is incorrect.

    “The new genetic adaptations, some 2,000 in total, are not limited to the well-recognized differences among ethnic groups in superficial traits such as skin and eye color. The mutations relate to the brain, the digestive system, life span, immunity to pathogens, sperm production, and bones—in short, virtually every aspect of our functioning.

    Many of these DNA variants are unique to their continent of origin, with provocative implications. “It is likely that human races are evolving away from each other,” says University of Utah anthropologist Henry Harpending, who coauthored a major paper on recent human evolution. “We are getting less alike, not merging into a single mixed humanity.”

    Harpending theorizes that the attitudes and customs that distinguish today’s humans from those of the past may be more than just cultural, as historians have widely assumed. “We aren’t the same as people even a thousand or two thousand years ago,” he says. “Almost every trait you look at is under strong genetic influence.”

    These overriding trends are similar in many parts of the world, but other changes, especially over the past 10,000 years, are distinct to specific ethnic groups. “These variations are well known to forensic anthropologists,” Hawks says as he points them out: In Europeans, the cheekbones slant backward, the eye sockets are shaped like aviator glasses, and the nose bridge is high. Asians have cheekbones facing more forward, very round orbits, and a very low nose bridge. Australians have thicker skulls and the biggest teeth, on average, of any population today. “It beats me how leading biologists could look at the fossil record and conclude that human evolution came to a standstill 50,000 years ago,” Hawks says.”

    • KentPerry

      Naah it looks like he says the same thing Jefferson Dixon

      Quote:”Almost every trait you look at is under strong genetic influence.”

      These overriding trends are similar in many parts of the world, but other changes, especially over the past 10,000 years, are distinct to specific ethnic groups.”

      Yeah over the last 10,000 years.

      • Jeff Dixon

        No, they veer off into the silly flood myth. not the same thing at all. And that there has been an increase in the number of mutations in the last 10,000 years in no way shows there were no mutations occurring over the past 50,000-250,000 years.

        • KentPerry

          I don’t see anyone saying there were NO mutations Jeff.and the flood myth as you call it isn’t any harder to swallow than your ideas that we evolved from a Rock.

    • daves

      At least they are admitting that humans existed 250,000 years ago – huh?

      • Jeff Dixon

        Well, the biologists admit that. The author of this article thinks that the flood is the basis for the issues.

  • David Brown

    Ironically…this article proves that man did not evolve from apes BUT for the wrong reasons. 99% of all mutations are lethal and less than 1% of the non-lethal occur in germ cells..the only ones available for natural selection. Even if there was a greater non-lethal mutation rate….250,000 years is no where near enough time to evolve a man from an ape. What IS supported in this article is Recombinant DNA as the mechanism God used to Create Homo sapiens in HIS IMAGE…..God’s Laws are PERFECT…He does not “need” to violate His Laws… is “fallen” man that requires God to operate outside His Laws.

    David Brown Oswego, NY

    • Sportsfan

      From the article: “From the study, they determined that every person has an average of about 150 new mutations that their parents didn’t have”
      Seeing as we all have over a hundred mutations it’s impossible that 99% of them are lethal. Otherwise we wouldn’t be alive to comment here. 😉

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