Creation magazine is purposely inaccurate and distorts the truth,’ claims evolutionist

A skeptic, “J”, wrote a response to “S” who had given him a copy of Creation magazine. He first makes an attack on the issue in general, then specifically on Dr Sarfati’s article, Why does science work at all?. As the critic is from the UK, Dominic Statham of CMI UK/Europe responds to J’s claims.

Dear S,

Thanks for passing on your copy of Creation magazine. I know that you did so with good intentions.

Thanks to you for taking the time to read it.

Unfortunately reading it has made me quite angry. I always welcome open, honest, intellectual debate. That is why I consider myself to be a “scientist”, even if I am a totally amateur one. This magazine represents none of those things. It is purposefully inaccurate, both distorting the truth and telling outright lies, at least some of which I have no doubt the authors were aware of.

Having studied the creation/evolution debate now for a number of years, I have similar concerns about some evolutionists. While many evolutionists believe that science supports their beliefs because they have been so effectively brainwashed, others know very well that the best theories of evolution fail dismally in their attempts to explain the complexity of life. I believe that an honest enquirer, if they peruse our website in an open-minded way, will see that there is no truth whatever in your accusations against us.

It makes repeated use of ad-hominem attacks. It uses highly propagandarized language. Almost every article contains gaping logical flaws. In short, I think its only purpose is a tool to indoctrinate poorly educated individuals incapable of critical thought and sound reasoning into the Christian faith, and to muddy the debate on creationism and its opposing scientific theories by spreading disinformation.

By critiquing your rebuttal of one of our magazine articles below, I believe I shall demonstrate how wrong you are. Moreover, we have received many testimonies over the years of thinking people converted from outright atheism by reading Creation magazine and having their barriers to belief progressively demolished; see for example this testimony from “Sonia”, Creation magazine opened my eyes to the Gospel!….

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