Prominent Australian Christian leader the Hon. Rev. Dr Gordon Moyes has said, publicly and forthrightly, that there has never been a more urgent need to declare belief in the authority and inspiration of the Bible.

It is really impossible for a church from the reformed and evangelical tradition, to teach that the Bible has as much relevance and authority as last year’s Sydney telephone directory! Otherwise, coming near to you, will be a church, with a pile of discarded Bibles!1

CMI agrees wholeheartedly. An indignant Dr Moyes identified the undermining of the authority of Scripture by church leaders as the church’s biggest scandal.

A free-for-all over the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures is leading the Australian church into a theological relativism of Monty Python proportions.

He said some church leaders and preachers were generating uncertainty in the minds of many intelligent Australians by debasing the authority of the Bible as God’s inspired Word.

If these days, every Rev. Tom, Dick and Harriet interprets the Scriptures as they please, the whole question of the nature of the Scriptures, their inspiration, infallibility and authority is up for grabs.

Dr Moyes’s remarks are particularly pertinent to the foundational issue of creation. The whole gospel story becomes nonsense if we can’t believe what Genesis says about the origin of sin and death, for example….

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