History is an interesting subject. Some people naturally love history while others would for instance find all the facts and dates a nuisance to memorize for an exam. To the Christian, the single most important piece of history is that revealed in the Bible, as this is the key to the Christian faith. Furthermore, the history presented in Genesis 1–11 holds many important answers to understand the world around us today.

Sadly, many people in our modern culture, including Christians, think that ‘science’ has disproven the Bible’s clear history given in those early chapters of Genesis, not realizing that science, and especially historical science, is heavily dependent on one’s predetermined worldview and on the many assumptions made. People are often misled to think that they have to choose between ‘hard’ science and the Bible, but an interesting piece of history shows us that the science based on a biblical worldview has been quite accurate in comparison to our modern knowledge, and that an evolutionary worldview has actually done harm in getting closer to the truth.

Some years ago, CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland gave a very important talk to a popular audience called Dynamic Life: changes in living things (available on DVD). Near the end of the talk he made a fascinating statement that would stun many people. It was something like: ‘if science does not agree with the Bible, then it means that science has not caught up with all the facts yet’.

Haeckel: ‘Darwin’s Doberman’

One person in history who made a huge effort to undermine the clear history of the Bible is the German professor of zoology named Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919). Not only is Haeckel largely responsible for turning Germany into an evolution-believing country, he also sought to replace all traditional religion and Christianity with his invented philosophy called Monism….

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