Those who are chosen to a place in government, must be men truly fearing God, wise and learned in the truths of Christ…Neither will any Christian of a sound judgment vote for any, but those who earnestly contend for the faith.

Edward Johnson, Puritan contemporary of Mass. Governor John Winthrop

Note:  CAPTAIN EDWARD JOHNSON, author of the rambling but sturdy and characteristically Puritan “Wonder-Working Providence of Zion’s Saviour in New England,” was born at Herne Hill, Kent, England, in 1599, and died at Woburn, Massachusetts, April 23, 1672. It is thought that he came to New England with Winthrop, in 1630, and certain that he took an active part in organizing the church and the town of Woburn, in 1642. He held public office almost continuously till his death, was town representative, recorder, speaker, colonial commissioner, and something of a soldier.

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