“Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle” was the article headline in the January 27, 2017, New Scientist’s Daily News.1

It is ironic that secularist scientists are still seeking to explain where the Earth’s water came from. For many years now they have endeavored to fill in the difficult-to-explain pieces of their “story” about how our home Earth “just happened” to become so habitable for life over the course of its supposed billions-of-years history.

Secularists believe the Earth condensed from clumpy matter flung out of the solar nebula 4.56 or so billion years ago. It was thus originally a hot molten blob that cooled. They used to suggest that most of the water came from inside this cooling Earth, but not enough to fill the oceans we have on the Earth’s surface today. A once popular theory was that comets (which are essentially large, dirty snowballs) collided with the Earth and deposited their water on its surface.

Meanwhile, these same secularists and Bible skeptics have been demanding that we Bible believers explain where the waters came from to flood the Earth during the cataclysmic Genesis Flood! Our answer hasn’t changed since the book of Genesis was written by special revelation from God: “All the fountains of the great deep were broken up” (Genesis 7:11). In other words, some of the waters for the Flood came from inside the Earth, adding to the waters already covering the Earth from the beginning on Day One of the Creation Week (Genesis 1:2); on Day Three, God gathered the waters into one place and called them seas (Genesis 1:9–10).

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