Would you put your faith in a religion whose many founders and early prophets lied and falsified their writings and teachings?  How would you feel if you found out that one of the strongest early advocates for your religion zealously promoted it for the sole purpose of undermining and destroying another religion?

Charles Darwin, the supposed founder of evolution repeatedly lied when he said that he was not influenced by his grandfather Erasmus Darwin.  Erasmus published a book titled Zoonomia (The Laws of Organic Life) in 1794.  Many of the ideas about the origins and diversity of life that Charles Darwin wrote about can be found in his grandfather’s book but Charles continued to deny that it influenced him.

Charles Darwin also denied being a racist, but he wrote that blacks and Aborigines were inferior races of humans.  He wrote that some of them were so primitive that they did not possess the capacity to understand many of the ways of the superior white race including Christianity.  Sending missionaries to the inferior races was a waste of time according to Charles Darwin.

Another early pioneer of evolutionary theory was German born biologist and professor Ernst Haeckel.  He became famous for his drawings of the development of human embryos compared to those of a rabbit, pig, cow, chicken, turtle and fish.  His drawings were used to promote an evolutionary theory known as recapitulation theory.  However, Haeckel falsified his drawings.

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Sadly, Haeckel’s drawings remained in most textbooks for over a century and can still be found in some today.

Like any product or idea, evolution needed someone to heavily promote it in order to get people to accept it.  Evolution needed an ad man and they got one in Thomas Huxley.  Huxley had an abject hatred for Christianity and the church and saw that accepting evolution was one of the best ways to undermine and destroy the church.  He literally blasted the halls of England with a promotion campaign that was unrivaled for years.  Huxley did more to promote the theory of evolution than any other person of his time.  And he did it not because he loved the theory of evolution so much, but because he wanted to destroy the church.  His motive was one of hate and malice.  Not exactly something that would inspire me.

The evolutionary lies and falsifications have continued into modern times as well.  One of the more well-known evolutionary frauds carried out in fairly recent times were the peppered moths.  In the 1950s, Bernard Kettlewell conducted a study on the effects of pollution from the industrial revolution had on the evolution of the peppered moths.  Supposedly, his experiment showed that in times of high pollution, the bark of trees was darker so lighter moths were preyed upon more by birds and darker moths became the dominant color.  In time of light or little pollution, tree bark was lighter and the birds preyed more upon darker moths and this was proof of evolution in action.

Only later on was it revealed that Kettlewell falsified his whole experiment.  Peppered moths are nocturnal and the birds that were supposed to be preying on them were diurnal.  During the daytime, the moths were not readily found on tree trunks as they usually found a more secretive place to rest.  It turns out that Kettlewell pinned or glued dead moths to the tree trunks.

Kettlewell’s peppered moth study was promoted in nearly as many textbooks as Haeckel’s falsified drawings.  The really sad part is that millions of students have been taught that both are proof that evolution is true.  And these are only a few of the lies and frauds that have been perpetrated in the name of the religion of evolution; a religion based upon lies and fraud and not one what I would want to put my trust and faith in.


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Religion of Evolution DVD

Is the Theory of Evolution really science? Or, is it religion masquerading as science? More importantly, what will happen to America if evolutionists are successful in removing the Creator from public life?

The Declaration of Independence states that we are endowed by our Creator with certain “unalienable rights.” America’s founding fathers believed that earthly governments cannot convey rights; this is God’s jurisdiction. Governments must protect what only our Creator can give. But if science as it claims has demonstrated that there is no Creator, from where (or what) do our rights come?

To avoid anarchy, a nation that removes God must turn to the State to grant rights. Scientific reason becomes the new God, and scientists the new priests. As politics change, the State can determine that it no longer wants to allow its citizens to have a right that it once graciously granted. Read a little further in history textbooks and you will see that we are repeating the mistakes of the past. The bloody French Revolution and the rise of Marxism in the Russian Revolution may give you some idea where America could be headed.

Filmed during the Defending the Faith Conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in early 2005, The Religion of Evolution exposes the religious foundation and political implications of the theory of evolution. Gary DeMar (President of American Vision) will show you why evolution is really a false religion masquerading as science and how it was purposefully designed to be the antithesis of the Christian faith. You will also learn what happens when societies remove God from their public life. The DVD package also includes a 40-page booklet which expands upon the content discussed in the presentation.


“This DVD explains in 45 minutes what sociologists and psychologists have been unable to explain in 150 years. DeMar exposes the hidden consequences of the theory of evolution; how it has affected the worldoutside of the biology lab. Evolution is a worldview and as such it informs how its disciples will live and act in the world. Christians must be aware of this and be able to show that evolution, when consistently believed and applied, can be used to justify anythingeven mass murder and ethnic cleansing.”  Eric Rauch(Editor-in-chief, ChristianReader.com)

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