The latest article on the discovery of a new dinosaur reads more like a lesson in contradictions than a scientific report. 

The latest member of the dinosaur clan is a small theropod named Eodromaeus, or dawn runner.  Measuring in at approximately 6 feet long and weighing 10-15 pounds, Eodromaeus had a long neck and tail and sharp claws. 

According to the scientists, Dawn Runner’s fossils were found in the Ishigualasto rock formation in northwestern Argentina.  This area is considered to be Late Triassic and supposedly dated to around 230 million years ago [their date, not mine. 

Eodromaeus is considered to be the oldest known meat-eating theropod dinosaur ever found to date.  Paleontologist Paul Sereno from the University of Chicago said: It really is the earliest look we have at the long line of meat eaters that would ultimately culminate in Tyrannosaurus rex near the end of the dinosaur era.  Who could foretell what evolution had in store for the descendants of this pint-sized, fleet-footed predator?


Now is when this article gets contradictory.  They compared the limbs of Eodromaeus to Eoraptor, because they are suppose to be from the same time period.  However, Eoraptor, seen here, is now believed to belong to the large, long-necked and four-legged sauropod lineage.  Then the article says: Both species were roughly the same size and ran on two legs….

Excuse me?  How can Eoraptor belong to the long-necked and four-legged sauropod lineage and run on two legs? 

The confused lineage is based upon Eoraptor having enlarged nostrils and an inset first lower tooth, features more associated with sauropods than with theropods.  Even though Eoraptor appears to be theropod in every way except for the nostrils and first lower teeth, it is now being considered to be a two-legged four-legged sauropod. 

Continuing on this curious line of confusion, the scientists said that these two dinosaurs may be indicative that ornithischian (Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus) , sauropodomorph (Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus and Titanosaurus) and theropod (Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus and Velociraptor) dinosaurs that co-existed in the Late Triassic all had similar body types. 

Excuse me?  How does evolution expect to explain the evolution from a slender two-legged running dinosaur into a large heavy bodied four-legged sauropod?  This isn’t just stretching the rubber band thin, it snapped it!

Finally, they make another incredible statement.  After they studied the complete fossil record from the Ishigualasto area, they again concluded that early dinosaurs: were more common and diverse than previously thought.  In other words, there were more different kinds of dinosaurs than they expected to find. 

The leader of the study on the Argentinean dinosaurs, Ricardo Martinez from Argentina’s National University of San Juan, said: Dinosaurs took their sweet time to dominate the scene.  Then Paul Sereno adds: The story from this valley suggests that there was no single advantage or lucky break for dinosaurs but rather a long period of evolutionary experimentation in the shadow of other groups.

Excuse me?  It seems if there the early dinosaurs were more common and diverse than previously thought, and from the earliest of dinosaur records, then the evolution of dinosaurs would have been anything but slow and gradual. 

I apologize if I sound a little critical today concerning this article, but this is one of the worst contradictory evolutionary articles I have read in some time.  Yet, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since they are starting with a belief in a false unfounded religion known as evolution.  When conflicting data is processed through this false religion, it frequently leads to contradictory explanations.

However, had they started with the firm foundations of a religion based upon the written word of the Almighty Creator God, plausible explanations would have been readily available.  God tells us in Genesis 1 that He created all land animals on Day 6.  As our infinite Creator, there is no limited to the number of difference animals he created that day.  Afterwards, there would have been a great deal of speciation, which we have repeatedly demonstrated is not proof of evolution, but of the steady loss of genetic variations and adaptability which fits with the biblical model of Creation and the Fall. 

No contractions and no confusion when starting with the right foundation.  Without that right foundation, you end up with arrows pointing every which way like the article listed below.


‘Dawn Runner’ Fossil Sheds Light On Early Dinosaurs,, Jan. 14, 2011.

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