Yesterday was Dr John Whitcomb’s 88th birthday and rather than spending it relaxing at home, he was at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.   A few years ago, I asked Dr Whitcomb if he was ready to retire.  He gave me that warm and contagious smile of his and told me that he may be slowing down a bit, but as long as he could continue to reach people with God’s message he would keep going.

In my 60 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and knowing some very famous people.  Most of them are proud of their fame and popularity, but not Dr Whitcomb.  In all my years, I’ve only known four men that I would categorize as the most godly and humble, and Dr Whitcomb is one of those four.  Standing well over 6 feet tall, he often shrugs down and gets a little boy giddy type smile on his face when people say how famous he is.  Even after all these years he’ll still show a blush of embarrassment at times when he becomes the center of attention.

I first met Dr Whitcomb while I was working for Answers in Genesis.  He and his lovely wife Norma visited the ministry long before the Creation Museum ever broke ground.  My role was to play host to the Whitcomb’s with taking them to dinner, getting them to their hotel, a tour of the offices and to provide anything they needed.  It was a wonderful occasion and one that started a friendship that is still going strong today.

Since that first time, I’ve had the privilege to meet and talk with both Dr and Mrs Whitcomb on many different occasions.  Each and every time, I saw a man who has a genuine love of Jesus Christ and a burning desire to share that love with everyone else.  But unlike so many other men of God, he does it in a way to bring all of the glory and attention to Christ and not to himself.  At times I think if he had the opportunity to stand behind the curtain and still speak out, like in the Wizard of Oz, he would.

Coupled with his deep passion for the Lord, is a sense of humor that at first I found surprising and later found quite enjoyable.  He loves to smile and laugh, even when times have been difficult.  And don’t be taken off guard by Mrs Whitcomb’s small stature, as she also shares his passion for Lord and well as his sense of humor.   Together, they are a lovely couple who exemplify what it means to have a Christian marriage with Christ in the center.

I’m not going to write a biography on him as you can read all that at various sites.  But what I do want to point out is that 51 years ago, Dr Whitcomb and Dr Henry Morris published a book that has changed thousands of lives and is credited with the starting the modern creationist movement.  The Genesis Flood gave both scientific and theological answers to the world around us.  Just a quick side note, Dr Henry Morris was one of the other four godly and humble men I’ve ever known. The other two were Pastor Vincent Strigas who founded Church of the Redeemer in Mesa, Arizona and my father-in-law Thorold (Tom) Watson.

Ever since I became involved in creation ministry, I keep running into people that tell me that The Genesis Flood changed their lives.  Some of them refer to their relationship with Christ and their understanding of the Bible and others are referring to the fact that this book help lead them to knowing Christ as their personal Savior.  Virtually every other creationist I know says that same thing.  Time and time again, we hear how Drs Morris and Whitcomb were the first to give them answers that opened the door to a personal relationship with Jesus, our Creator and Savior.

In paying tribute to Dr Whitcomb the day after his 88th birthday, I thought it fitting to share a few of the comments and testimonies I’ve received about him and The Genesis Flood.  I asked for comments with less than twenty-four hours before having to post this, so many people were not able to respond in time, but here are those that I received and will continue to add any additional comments received after posting.

Brad Jones:

That book began my incredible journey from theistic evolution to a correct understanding of the biblical origin of mankind.

Robert Zuvich:

Genesis Flood. That book was instrumental in my salvation. Gave it away, rebought it. I never do that.  Five books: Genesis Flood, Scientific Creationism, What is Creation Science?, Rise of the Evolution Fraud, The Twilight of Evolution.

Ken Ham, President/CEO of Answers in Genesis USA:

Dr. Whitcomb is one of my heroes of the faith.  There is no doubt the book ‘The Genesis Flood,’ which he and Dr. Henry Morris co-authored started the modern biblical creationist movement.  We stand on their shoulders as we build on their pioneering work to deal with the Genesis 3 (Did God Really Say?) attack of our day that has specifically attacked the first eleven chapters of Genesis—thus undermining the authority of the Word of God.

Trevor Anderson:

The Genesis Flood was given to me by a friend.  At first I was reluctant to read it, but eventually picked it.  Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.  It caused me to start looking for more answers.  Two months later I accepted Jesus Christ into my life.  It all started with Dr. Whitcomb and Dr. Morris’s book and I cannot thank them enough.

Stephanie Johnstone:

I was the only Christian in my family.  Everyone else were evolutionists.  I challenged my dad to read the Genesis Flood by Morris and Whitcomb.  He told me it wouldn’t make any difference, but boy did it ever.  Before he got half way through it, he was reading it to the whole family.  That book was responsible for saving my dad, mom and two older brothers.  Next to my Bible, that is the most important book in my life.

Dr Carl Wieland, Founder of Creation magazine, Managing Director Creation Ministries International:

Dr John Whitcomb was the co-author of the book which started me on my creationist journey in the early 1970s, and was crucial in my soon-after conversion. I recall that it was his section in particular which profoundly impacted me; because throughout years as a querying atheist, fed up with hearing Christians ducking and weaving around the clear implications of what their Bible actually said, this was the first time someone was clearly laying it on the line, unashamedly expounding what it taught and why it was to be believed. My main reaction was immediate respect, this was writing worth reading carefully. I say to this day that my opinion of John Whitcomb remains one of profound respect, and that anything he says is most definitely worth carefully listening to. Dr Whitcomb, I wish you God’s richest blessings in all your endeavours—and thanks again for writing that book.

Thomas Delphan:

I believed that God used evolution and millions of years until I read The Genesis Flood.  Now I am a young earth creationist and have a better understanding of the Bible and a world that was judged and destroyed.

Jared Vallorani, COO of Liberty Alliance LLC:

I’m grateful for the lifelong work of Dr. John Whitcomb. His book, The Genesis Flood has been one of the most important books in Christianity in the last 100 years. The Genesis Flood launched numerous Creation ministries and helped millions of people in returning to a literal view of Genesis. Thank you for your service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr Don Batten, Scientist, Speaker, Creation Ministries International:

Happy birthday, Dr Whitcomb! I read The Genesis Flood when Dr Duane Gish recommended it in a lunch-time lecture he gave at the University of Sydney in about 1974. I was a Christian, but hopelessly confused about origins. Reading the book changed my life. I came to the point of confessing my unbelief and repenting of it. It was like being born again … again! This eventually led to my full-time involvement with Creation Ministries International in spreading the creation-Gospel message. Thank-you Dr Whitcomb!



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