Dr Donald Chittick is a highly effective and experienced speaker on the topics of origins and Earth history, with a special interest in the first eleven chapters of Genesis.

Dr Chittick earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University. For many years, he served as chairman of the division of Natural Sciences at George Fox University in Oregon. Since 1988, he has been an adjunct professor of chemistry at the Institute for Creation Research in the San Diego area. He was Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Puget Sound. He also holds patents on alternate fuels and in ‘programmed instruction.’ He has traveled and lectured in many countries.

As an inventor, Dr Chittick holds several worldwide patents and is active in the area of alternate fuels. He also continues an interest in the homeschooling movement.

He and his family also run a ministry entitled ‘Creation Compass.’ With the help of his wife Donna, he now devotes the majority of his time to conducting seminars on science and the Bible, speaking internationally. He speaks in schools, universities and churches….

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