How to take the high ground in a challenging area for Christians

This feedback responds to Gary Bates’ and Lita Cosner’s article UFOlogy: the world’s fastest-growing ‘scientific’ religion?

Ron W. from the US writes:

Lenticular clouds above the Skaftafell gletscher in IcelandLenticular clouds above the Skaftafell gletscher in Iceland

Gary Bates responds.

“Framing an issue” is a well known and frequently used ploy in deception—and for good reason; it works. It seems that in the UFO debate the issue has been carefully framed. On the one hand are the UFO skeptics, whose answer to the question “Are we alone in the universe?“ is yes. On the other hand there is the UFO believer who thinks that we are not alone and we have extraterrestrial space neighbors . As such, the debate is focused almost exclusively between these two groups with the idea that no, we are not alone, there God and the angels and demons exist too. … So it seems the devil’s strategy is to frame the issue on a debate between these two opposite views and sidetrack the idea that these UFOs are in fact demonic as a non-starter fringe view held by religious nut cases—and the sad thing is that the trick seems to be working only too well. However, it does seem that the truth is leaking out, so they are adding a new line that the aliens are “multi-dimensional beings”, so maybe that is the weak point where one can point out the obvious implication that a multi-dimensional being sounds an awful lot like a demon or to quote Red Riding Hood, “Grandma what big teeth you have.”

You’ve obviously thought about this a bit, and I agree that explanations tend to be framed according to the author’s presuppositions. I also agree that the Christian perspective is being marginalized, and I will attempt to explain why below. However, I’d probably go a little further with some of the observations you made, as I don’t see it as straightforwardly or as black and white as you have put it. Or maybe there is a bit of confusion in the definition of terms. I think you are probably putting Christians into the UFO skeptics camp, but that would probably not be the proper way to classify them. Here goes with some further explanation that hopefully will help….

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